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turn it up! leadsheet

Hi again

Not sure how well this will come, but with my ftp server down (meaning I can’t upload any files to my Together to Celebrate website), I’m trying a Plan B.  Apologies if it’s hard to read!


turn it up!


Using a chorus/guitar riff that’s been bouncing around in my head for weeks, I’ve written a song for possible use at NCYC 2011 – the National Christian Youth Convention organized every 2 years by the Uniting Church in Australia.  The coming one is at the Gold Coast from 29 Dec 2010 to 4 January 2011.

Turn it up! is the theme, and an excellent one.  While I’ve been truly blessed with the reception and use given my songs in many forums around Australia and overseas, “getting through” at NCYCs last happened in about 1995.  Perhaps it’s that I seemingly don’t write well for Gen Ys.  I probably didn’t write well for some Gen X’s either.

Well – what do you expect of a Baby Boomer like me.

Anyhow – I’ve written this song (non-creatively) called Turn it up! In the next day or so I plan to lay down a backing track. This time around, while I’ll get my co-boomer wife Dale to assist with harmony/backing vocals, I’ve lined up some Gen Y’ers – namely our son Joel to play some hard rock guitar in parts.  I actually think “the riff” will sound great with his guitar.  I’ve also lined up an 18 year old from church to do the lead vocal.

Should be a lot of fun – then I’ll submit the song.  For now – here it is, with demo vocal recording to happen by mid-September and leadsheet to follow in a few days once my ftp server is back online.



Turn it up

Turn it up
O – turn it up!
Life In Jesus
Full-on with love!
Turn it up
O —- turn it up!

We will walk his way
As we work, we pray
As your people
tuned to God each day

We will seek your truth
We will live your grace
We will serve your
world with joy, with faith

Jesus, turn us ‘round
Jesus, send us out
We will live for you
Sharing your hope about
David MacGregor © 2010

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