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Make it joyful!

Once again, playing catch-up to Facebook posting, so here’s a longer version to what I’ve recently posted there.

I don’t write many praise songs.

I’ve often wondered why down the years. Is it because I’m less than praiseworthy in my spirit, somehow lacking in my adoration of God? Maybe. Is it because of my longstanding restlessness about the way so many churches (not only the Pentecostal/evangelical) seem to base so much of their musical repertoire on songs of praise and avoid (or at least fail to recognise) the place of songs of lament, confession, mission, justice, discipleship, community, and so on? Maybe.

Amid this strange and tragic and agitating pandemic season, the melancholy side of me has certainly come to the fore. That’s me. That’s life. That’s been my journey, which I’ve been sharing in song, patient that you are😀

However, I found myself woken in the early hours of the morning yesterday with my namesake’s wonderful words from Psalm 100. Yes, I was surprised. A praise song at 2 am?. Sleepy-eyed … wanting so, so much to get back to sleep, I took my iPhone and noted the chorus words and wrote alphabetical letter names about many of the words so I’d remember the melody.

As it turned out, I actually remembered it when I woke many hours later. Always a good sign for a song if the tune stays with me. This is my hopefully-uplifting take on it.

Dale and I have just done a multi-part vocal! Eventually I want to score this one in SATB. Maybe choirs could use it. It’s one of the least syncopated songs I’ve written for a long, long time … unusual for me .

Anyhow here’s my new unsyncopated song of praise:
MAKE IT JOYFUL! Hopefully I have.

score lyrics 
mp3 backing
mp3 vocal [E]

Make a joyful noise to God (make it joyful)
Make a joyful noise to God (make it joyful)
Make a joyful noise to God (make it joyful)
Come worship and be glad!

Come before him with praise, thanksgiving
God has made us and we are God’s
We are God’s people
Embraced in love
Come bless, come bless the Lord

Make a joyful noise to God (make it joyful) …

For the Lord is every goodness
And God’s love is steadfast, sure
From generation to generation
God’s faithfulness endures

Make a joyful noise to God (make it joyful) …
… Come worship and be glad! (make it joyful)
Come worship and be glad !(make it joyful)
Come worship and be glad! (make it joyful)

David MacGregor
© 2020 Willow Publishing
from Psalm 100

I’ve got a song (or three) to sing, O

Hi. Excuse the Gilbert & Sullivan song reference 🙂
It’s a while since I song-posted on my blog. Meanwhile since getting back from North America seven weeks ago, I’ve written three pieces of worship music, posted them on Facebook and YouTube, but until now, not on my blog.  So here goes.   We’ll go in reverse chronological order.

  1. Manger

A short Christmas instrumental which we’ll use Christmas Eve at my church in Brisbane, Australia.  I really struggled to find a not-schmaltzy or overblown piece of Christmas music.  So I wrote my own.

score    mp3

2. Communion

This one arose out of reflecting on the words of institution and thanksgiving during the sacrament, and feeling perhaps it’s time for something quite folky.

score  lyrics  mp3 backing    l

3. Amazing

Dale and I, along with friends Jan & Glenn from Cairns, and often with members of Dale’s USA family enjoyed the most wonderful seven weeks in USA and Canada just a few months ago.  So many highlights. For me, I keep on reflecting on the wonder and amazement of God’s creation – rocky, snowcapped mountains, mountain lakes; desert sands, cliffs; beautiful forests, and yet oceans and streams.   Amazing … perhaps one of the most personal songs I’ve written.  Also one of my few songs of praise.

score  lyrics    mp3 vocal

Enjoy … and by the way, if you wish, “Sing, O …”


in worship – new song backing track

IMG_1216Hi again.

Been working on a sample backing track for my new worship song: In Worship.  I blogged about it yesterday.

Here’s some files:
backing track


Blessings, David

in worship … new song

Yes, been doing much reflecting on worship these times.

What with attending the Uniting Church’s Transforming Worship conference less than a fortnight ago and our congregation working our way through Malcolm Gordon’s wonderful The Journey of Worship DVD teaching series this month … I just can’t get away from worship.

Nor should I as a Christian. Famously, humankind’s chief purpose is said to be about glorifying God and enjoying God for ever. Got me thinking especially about worship together as community of faith. It’s not just about praise. There’s much more – confession, engaging the world, the sacraments, and then worship that is all of life!

So … I’ve written In Worship – a teaching song of sorts, modulating melodically along the way, but importantly for me, including a chorus/bridge which praises our holy God. Not too many of my songs until now have allowed time for that! Backing track in pipeline. Hope you enjoy the song in your worship.




God, we bring our praise to you in worship
All our joy and thanks for all you are
In your holiness and your wonder, Lord
Take the praise we bring to you

God, we bring our pain to you in worship
All our brokenness, both near and far
Jesus take our sinful, suffering hearts
Take the pain we bring to you

X2 You alone are holy
You alone are holy
You alone are holy
Living, loving God

Lord, we bring our world to you in worship
Jesus’ face in ev’ry troubled soul
Take them deep into your loving heart
God, we trust you make things whole

X2 You alone are holy
You alone are holy
You alone are holy
Living, loving God

God, you feed us deep by word and table
Born of water, spirit we are raised
Open wide our ears; hear again your word
May our mouths declare your praise
… may our lives declare your praise

David MacGregor
© 2017 Willow Publishing

“I belong to you” – 40 years on – reconciliation

Hi. Just had a lightbulb moment.  Yes – a song: an old, old song. You see, I’m finalising my planning for our local church celebration next Sunday (16 July) of the Uniting Church in Australia’s 40th birthday. A significant thing to celebrate, as hopefully an impetus for moving forward.

I find myself reflecting on what I’ve valued in my 40 years in the UCA (not to mention the 22 Presbyterian Church years beforehand). One word pops out more than any other – reconciliation.  I can’t escape Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:19

God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting our sins against us, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation


I find myself impacted more and more with the truth that reconciliation is about breaking down the barriers, it’s about bringing people together, it’s about seeing the face of Jesus in the other through the eyes, hands and heart of compassion.  About dealing lovingly with difference.

That’s it.  Whether it’s First and Second People’s coming together, people of different cultures, faiths and denominations coming together, people across the political or socio-economic divide coming together, people across the generations coming together in worship or community service, people coming together at God’s Table … for me, this is reconciliation in some way or another.   And I’m glad to be part of a church, a movement actually (so often imperfect, so often …. ) that’s sought to live out the reconciliation God not only offers through Jesus, but as importantly calls us to as disciples.  This strange church I belong to keeps on committing itself to bringing people together.  I’m so glad.  So what about the song.

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