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“(Matthew) Come and Follow”

think I’m rediscovering both my love for writing children’s ministry songs. At a rough guess, a bit under 1/2 of the 350+ songs of mine over the years have been for use with kids. My first published songs over 40 years ago were in that genre. A few months back I wrote Be Strong and Courageous for annual kids club worship service. That was well received. Put it down to the Coldplayesque hand waving 😀

Then, just two days back, as I began reflecting on upcoming kids club (JAFFA Club) teaching on Jesus calling Matthew, a song just came. I know it can sound really smug of me to put it that way, but really, 9 times out of 10, that’s how it happens. I can only put it down to the Spirit.

Anyhow, I felt moved to write a new “Jesus calls” song … an alternative to I have decided to follow Jesus OR the old Sunday School Follow, Follow, I will Follow Jesus; or even the more recent Hillsong Everyday or the still-popular Step by Step.

So, here’s (Matthew) Come and Follow, in simple A-B-A musical form.

I’ve kept it deliberately simple. I wanted two things for the song … well, probably more than that …

  1. A middle section that gave some kid-friendly glimpses into what a life following Jesus can mean
  2. The hope that those singing it swap their own name with “Matthew” and sing of God’s call to them.

I used it yesterday at our Kidspot/JAFFA Club. Pleasingly they loved it!



score. lyrics

Matthew, come and follow
Matthew, come with me
Matthew, come and walk my way

Matthew, come and follow
Matthew, come with me
Hey there – come and walk my way!

Life … a better way there
Love … with all our heart there
Faith … God’s love there ev’ry day
Joy … it’s there for showing
Peace … for sharing, knowing
Jesus; the life, the truth, the way!

Matthew, come and follow …

David MacGregor © 2019 Willow Publishing

on the way


The Uniting Church Queensland Synod finished yesterday afternoon.  It was a great experience as far as I’m concerned, as we as a church sought to step out afresh in being people of God in our communities across Queensland, in response to the call of Christ.  A real keenness throughout to be on about mission … and a real openness to each other. Still in the early stages of reflecting.  This link gives a bit of a summary.

I’ve had this song lurking around the past few days – most of it has been there from early on.  I guess it’s my early attempt to write a worship song that picks up on a few things:

  • the Together on the Way, enriching community journey
  • the sense that we (and there’s an “I” in that “we”) are open to the new thing that God is doing
  • a strong emphasis on discipleship in so many ways throughout synod
  • the strong (put it down to the Spirit) linkages throughout both synod and the pre-synod Refuel School of Theology to the UCA Basis of Union’s emphasis (in para. 3 and from 2 Corinthians 5) that “God in Christ was reconciling the world to himself”
  • We are people of the resurrection
So … with perhaps some minor lyrical or score improvements to come, I’ve written On the Way. I envisaged our marvellous team of synod musos doing it.  Who knows where this song we’ll lead.  In time, I’ll do a full piano score, and with Dale’s help … an mp3 track.

On the Way      leadsheet

On the way
there’s a faith that calls
On the way
there’s a hope for all
There’s a love – for reconciling all
We journey ever farther on

On the way
we will seek your face
On the way
we will grow in grace
Work for justice:
and for all displaced
that all in Christ may be renewed.

 On the way
On the way
We’ll be nourished by your Word
along the way
Fed by water, wine and bread
We’re your people, Spirit-led
We will follow
Your disciples on the Way

We will stand,
freedom by the cross
We will rise
in your risen life
We will move
in the Spirit’s power
as people of your kingdom reign

On the way
we’ll confess you Lord
On the way
we will seek your Word
We will live the resurrection life
For Christ is risen
from the grave

On the way …

David MacGregor
© 2011 Willow Publishing

a time to reflect, not rejoice

Greetings folks,

I find it both fascinating and so highly disturbing being here in the States while many corners of this country and indeed the planet rejoice at Osama Bin Laden’s demise. There is no doubt that the events of 9/11, as I’ve noted in other forums, have left deep and painful scars on the psyche and well-being of this country in particular, though the USA is far, far from alone when it comes to the effects of terrorism. I think of how the Bali bombings this last decade cut deep with Australian’s. I’m mindful that through Dale I have family here. But is this the time to throw the party of all parties? I think not; the Christ whom I falteringly follow speaks nothing about the likes of this.

Etched deeply in my mind is the time the day of 9/11 when I met with a group of primary school kids at the Christian school where I was chaplain. It was important that I gave opportunity for kids to reflect appropriately on what had happened. There was a sense in which we were on holy ground (and being in an upstairs room didn’t harm things) as one Year 5 girl suggested we should be praying for the families of those terrorists behind this horrible event – she offered this prayer request out of love and empathy — in her own childlike way, not out of vengeance. Times like this call me back to asking: what is the way and mind of Christ in all of this? Can’t escape Christ’s words in Matthew 6 …”love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

This past day or so, I’ve come (as no doubt we all have) across all sorts of Facebook or blog postings. Here are just a couple. The first comes via a Facebook (and more-than-that) friend of mine, Denise:

‎””Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. … The chain reaction of evil—hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars—must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

And then this posting (I’ve include the text in its entirety) from a ministry friend of mine, Elenie …

A few words on the assassination of Osama bin Laden

Assassination is not justice served, it is vengeance done. The world will not find peace while we continue to confuse justice with vengeance. This is not a time for celebration or any kind of pride in achievement, but one for deep reflection on who we have become and what kind of world we are doomed to leave behind if we don’t make radical changes.

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