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“Be Our Light” – new song collaboration

hope1Here’s a new song; the result of a collaboration between longtime friend Craig Mitchell (lyrics) and myself (melody & backing). Dale has done a great job (biased as I am) with the vocals.

It’s based on themes from Psalm 27. Craig began working on it at songwrite in February 2013, songwrite being the first national Uniting Church songwriters gathering. Fast forward into late last year, and Craig ‘put it out there’ on the songwrite Facebook page. I, along with others, offered to supply the melody. Eventually Craig and I (Craig in Adelaide, me in Brisbane) began the collaborative journey.

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“songwrite” – video package (take 2!)


[sorry for a bit of cross-posting and re-posting]

You will probably be well aware, that just a few weekends ago, I had the privilege along with Sharon Kirk (Presbytery Minister: the Downs) of coordinating and leading the inaugural national Uniting Church songwriters weekend in Canberra: songwrite.

Always room for improvement, but the feedback from this time spent with 30 others from across Australia was resoundingly affirming, as new songs were written, manuscripted and recorded for use in Christian worship.

The Uniting Church Assembly Communications team have just uploaded a short video package of the weekend.  It gives a good feel for what songwrite was (and we believe will continue to be) all about.


big, big day


Big, big day here at Assembly in Adelaide, Australia – here since Sunday; we finish up after lunch this Saturday. Back home in Brisbane dinner time that day.  Three matters have well-and-truly occupied my mind and heart and I pray, action.

Earlier in Assembly, the 25o of us gathered from around Australia unanimously passed a resolution expressing speaking out against the non-consultative manner of the Federal Government’s Stronger Futures legislation – the second iteration of their N.T. intervention strategy.  No one (including the Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress) is under any illusions about the complexity of issues surrounding the health and well-being of the First Peoples of this land … but clearly as Congress person after Congress person shared, the Government has done a lamentable job of appropriate consultation, listening and partnering.  Lamentable.

So lament we did. The whole Assembly walked silently to the steps of the South Australian Parliament House, whereupon we took part – standing as one, in a Prayer Vigil.  I’m there to the right above the Assembly banner. As reported in the lead up to this …

Chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Rev. Rronang Garrawurra and the new President of the Uniting Church Rev. Prof. Andrew Dutney will stand shoulder to shoulder at the prayer vigil.
“They have taken our land and now our humanity is taken away by this new law,” said Rev. Garrawurra, speaking through an interpreter in his native Yolngu language.
“The Uniting Church mourns another lost opportunity for true reconciliation with the First Peoples of Australia,” said Rev. Prof. Dutney who assumed the presidency of the Uniting Church last Sunday.
“The passage of Stronger Futures legislation without adequate consultation with Indigenous Australians is a lamentable development.”

I found the whole experience incredibly moving and humbling.

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