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Resurrection realities


Thought I’d share some early drafting of my sermon for this Sunday night, based on Luke 24:36b-48. I’ve begun by  asking the question: What will you do with the risen Jesus Christ? It’s the passage that follows on from the Walk to Emmaus narrative – where those who broke bread and witness with their own eyes the risen Jesus walking that road with them – break the news to a still-numbed group of disciples back in Jerusalem.  About 1/3 of the way into the sermon, I share as follows:

So … I like to think that this post-Emmaus account of Jesus appearing with his disciples is about the “5 F’s”.  We know the 3 R’s – reading, writing, ‘rithmetic.  The 5 F’s – fingers, feet, food, faith and following.

We’ve had the fingers, feet and food – as Jesus reveals his hands and feet – as he enjoys a meal of baked fish.   In encountering the risen Jesus, it doesn’t get much more real – much more tactile, and excuse the terrible pun, “hands on” than this! But then we have the “F” of “faith”.  Passages like out text tonight are designed to confirm faith in the resurrection: that Jesus has been vindicated by God, is alive, and wants his disciples to continue his work.

To the question from Easter Day and revisited earlier: have you encountered the risen Jesus Christ?; the disciples’ response would be unanimous: absolutely!  The narrative – verse 44 onwards leads us into my question for tonight: What will you do with the risen Jesus Christ?

These are Jesus instructions on what from here? The OK – now what? implications.  It’s all about the 5th “F” – the following – the giving witness to the risen Jesus.  The stuff of discipleship.

And what is the task?  In many ways, it is both simple, clear and straightforward – to proclaim forgiveness of sins in his name to all the world. It finds its echo in Acts 1:8. ‘You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be my witness in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.’   Those who are to be witnesses are those who witnessed the events of Jesus’ ministry, death and resurrection.

My question earlier was: What will you do with the risen Jesus Christ? Well, as we read this passage from Luke, it is clear that for Luke, encountering the risen Jesus … fulfilling the hope of the risen Jesus is bound up in telling out the Jesus story – how he lived, how he died, how he rose again – for the world, for all of creation, out of God’s incredible love for that creation – for you, and for me.  It’s bound up in telling … in sharing … in proclaiming in confidence, in faith, in hope and in love how and why the risen Jesus has impacted your life — that things are not — and will not be the same again, once you have encountered the risen Jesus.  It’s the power of human story … it’s the power of human testimony.

But it’s more than this – and it must always be so.

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Jesus, Jesus is risen … an Easter song

For as long as I’ve been writing songs – over 35 years now (phew!), songwriting has tended to often happen without clear rhyme or reason; well – apart from the reason of God’s Spirit.  Sure, I believe I have the gift of writing something for a particular theme or occasion or when there’s nothing much around on a certain theme … one of the reasons for my kids songs over the years.  When I write, it tends to happen with several songs written within weeks of each other, and then nothing for months on end.  Having written and share a Palm Sunday song just days ago: Sing hosanna, I found myself inspired to write a new, upbeat Easter song – best with a full band. It’s called Jesus, Jesus is risen.

I’ve never felt that I’ve ever written a more-adult Easter song – ever.  My He’s alive, yes he is! kids song of about 6 years back has been widely and well received.  This one is hopefully engaging for kids in the chorus, yet I pray has some meat for a wider grouping in the verses.  Others can judge on this one.  Here are the words, with links under it for leadsheet (piano score to follow later on the RCL site) and Powerpoint file.

Jesus, Jesus is risen
Jesus – up from the grave
Jesus, Jesus is risen
Death has been conquered
and Jesus reigns

Death could not contain you
The Cross can’t hold you down
Over all, you’ve triumphed
Walls come crumbling down
You rise again as victor
Your promise matched in deed
We add our hallelujahs
You are risen, yes indeed!

Hope, love, life – new meaning
resurrection’s power
As we lay our old self down
We rise new people now
You are God forever
You are Christ the Lord
We sing our hallelujahs
O risen, living Lord

David MacGregor   © 2009 Willow Publishing
music powerpoint

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