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broken vessels … restored … prayer for Communion

Thought I’d share a prayer I’ve written for use during Holy Communion tomorrow at my church in Brisbane, Australia.

I will have preached just earlier on 2 Corinthians 4:5-12; that passage which includes Paul’s memorable words …

Folk will be offered a shattered piece of pottery as they arrive. Later during Communion, I’ll lead the congregation in a period of confession, as I invite them to hold the piece in their hands.

I’ll pray …

Recreating and renewing God
We give you thanks that you have always been one
with a passion for restoring us
… for bringing us back into relationship
relationship with you
relationship with each other
relationship with creation
relationship with ourselves
Such is your reconciling heart.

Recreating and renewing God
We thank you that in Jesus Christ
Lord, Saviour and friend by your Spirit
you take all that is battered, banal and broken in our lives
and that healer of hearts and lives that you are
through the cross
through your forgiving love
you take those broken vessels that our lives are
and you bring us to wholeness.

Recreating and renewing God,
we take this piece of broken clay in our hands
It so represents, so symbolizes
the frailty, the brokenness,
the weaknesses of our lives
our shortcomings, our failures, our sin.

We feel its unevenness
perhaps the sharpness or brittleness of where it cracked.
The sharpness or brittleness of our own cracks.

Yet recreating, renewing God,
such is your grace
that like that kintsugi potter
you promise to piece us together again.
God, in Jesus and the wonder of your Spirit
you offer wholeness and life.
so much so that the light – YOUR light
can shine through the joins
giving glory to you
sharing your love with a broken world.
God, receive our thanks and praise.

Feel free to use this.

After the sermon … and prior to the sacrament, the congregation will be invited to sing the wonderful Hillsong piece: Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

you are mine … baptism song

This Sunday’s readings give opportunity to not only give focus on Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan but also our own baptism.

So it is, while holidaying at beautiful Hervey Bay, Queensland, God’s led my reflecting on Luke 3:15-17, 21-22 and Isaiah 43:1-7 to the point where I’ve written this baptismal song: YOU ARE MINE. Quite intentionally … and drawing closely on scripture, the lyric has God addressing the ‘child’ being baptized. Perhaps the first time I’ve written such a lyric.

The writing of the song has presented its challenges -you see, I left my Mac (Logic software and all) at home. So – courtesy of the iPad AND some old-style rough manuscripting (last did this in 1990!) here it is. Rough and ready … absolutely. Back on deck next week, I’ll have a full piano score and vocal mp3. For now,think of something a bit folky with a slight country tinge. Contemporary baptismal songs for worship are scarce. I pray this one finds some use and blessing.



Child, I love you
Child, I claim you
I delight in you
For all time
In my gifting
In your belonging
Child, I love you
You are mine

When you pass through the waters
I’ll be with you
When you walk through the fire
You won’t be burned
Do not fear
You are loved
I have redeemed you
I’m with you always
You are mine

Come, find life in fullness
in living water
In my dying, my rising
be renewed
Come, be welcomed
into my living body
My Spirit life and promise
born in you

David MacGregor (c) 2013
Willow Publishing


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