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“Am I Free … ?”

Am I Free …?  is a new song written, on invitation, and in response to the freedom of speech / freedom from discrimination debate currently rife in my country of Australia and indeed around the world.  When and where and why should a person of faith be able to share in the public space (including social media) what they believe … without fear of repercussion and sanction. The rugby-playing fate of Christian Wallaby Israel Folau brought this to a head and informs much of my musing in this song.

But more than that … how can we be a more tolerant, compassionate, listening, empathetic and dialoguing society?  How can our debate be characterised by love and mutual respect, especially for the neighbour … the one who is different in whatever way from us?

The level of what for me is clear partisanship by some Christian friends in and around the recent Australian federal election also connect with this.   Can we see the potential and intent in the other’s position as not inherently bad?  How can we be as one, without seemingly demonising the other point of view.

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There’s a certain irony, yet poignancy behind this post – and the song associated with it.

I remember around Christmas receiving a message (Facebook or Twitter – can’t remember) encouraging me, amid my need to meet deadlines and various expectations, to “live in the now” … or words to that effect; in fact, to embrace it, and enjoy it and welcome it for what is offers, and for what God can reveal of Godself amid it all.

well, that’s stuck with me. Fast-forward a few months, and three things are very much present with me:

1. the request that I lead our congregational leadership team meeting tonight with devotions. I sense the Spirit leading me to use a brief reflection excerpt I came across from Richard Rohr back in February. It was adapted from Rohr’s Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer as was called God-Awareness. It began with these words

The contemplative secret is to learn to live in the now … when we’re doing life right, not means nothing more than it is right now, because God is in this moment in a non-blaming way … But there’s nothing to hold on to when we begin to taste the fullness of the now.  God is either in this now or God isn’t at all. This moment is as perfect as it can be.

2. Meanwhile, a dear friend is struggling big time with health issues at the moment.

3. Somehow, through all of this, and the list of “reminders’ I typed into my iPhone an hour ago, a little instrumental piano piece that first came to me almost 10 years ago, came to me again.  I have never recorded it – in either audio or music score form.  That is, until now.

I’ve decided to call it Presence    mp3 track

… my recognition of God who is certainly yesterday, certainly tomorrow and forever, but also today … in fact, right now.  I gave up trying to get it note-perfect, realising that throws it all back on “me” … what I can do … what I can try to perfect.  So, in all its imperfections and certainly mine, and with points 1 and 2 (especially 2) in mind, I offer it to you.  It’s taken 10 years to even get it in audio form … who knows when/if a music score will emerge.

That’s not the point.

Grace and peace,


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