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vocal tracks for new songs

be still 2389Yesterday Dale and I put down vocals (well, Dale did ūüôā for two recent songs of mine, both with a country-folk feel.¬†Time to take time and¬†Bless your name forever were written during our recent wonderful break at Hervey Bay and North Stradbroke Island (Straddie). ¬†I loved using my mandolin for the second one and must start playing it more. ¬†As per past post,¬†Bless your name forever is one of those rare praise songs of mine. ¬†The scores of these are in higher keys – just brought down to suit Dale’s voice. ¬†Click the links above for free access to music score.

Feel free to enjoy and use.


Time to take time vocal

Bless your name forever vocal

Bless your name forever

thanksgivingHere’s a new praise song for you, based on some verses in Psalm 145. Yes, it’s yet another song written on our annual January holidays; not Hervey Bay this time but over a beautiful few days near Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island.

Historically, I haven’t written all that many praise songs. ¬†Not exactly sure why. ¬†It may be that there’s so many around. ¬†It’s certainly because I feel that many churches “o’d” on praise songs at the expense of songs that lead us into intercession, lament, justice and peace-making and mission .. but many of you have heard my thoughts on that many times previously ūüôā

The song began to emerge while enjoying some quiet and still time soon after sunrise by the shores of Hervey Bay, having just IMG_3131read Psalm 145. ¬†I had my mandolin with me and have resolved in 2016 to enjoying playing it a lot more. ¬†Any ‘mandolinist’ knows that the key of G is clearly the easiest key for mandolin, so¬†Bless your name forever ¬† – you guessed it, is in G. ¬†Perhaps not surprising, the song has an unashamedly folk/country feel. Mandolin lends itself so well to songs in this genre. ¬†Hopefully this one of mine does it justice, and ultimately our Creator God is praised. ¬†Go ahead and enjoy using it. ¬†Vocal track coming in the next week or so. Cheers.


mp3 backing

Every day I will bless you Lord
I will praise your name forever
I will praise you, O my God and King
and bless your name forever

Great are you, Lord
Great to be praised
Your greatness, unlimited
Generations will praise your works
Your mighty acts forever

Lord, you are grace
Your mercy wide
Slow angered and rich in love
Lord your goodness extends to all
Compassion in all you’ve made

David MacGregor
 © 2016  Willow Publishing
 from Psalm 145


sing a new song!

man in praiseI’ve written a praise song!

Over the years, in actual fact, I haven’t written all that many songs of praise and adoration of God. Plenty of songs of thanksgiving about what God has done … but no so much in praise to God. ¬†Sure, I¬†have written the odd song over the years and I would like to think it’s been there in my music, but anyhow …

… last week as I was doing my weekly worship preparation, I began reflecting on Psalm 98 … one of the set readings for Sunday 10 November. I was taken (put it down to the Spirit) with some of the wonderful imagery in that Psalm; stuff about the rivers clapping their hands and the mountains shouting with joy.

I was also mindful that with Dale and me now back from long-service leave … and us moving on from Oxley in a matter of months, we are in an interesting ‘space’ in our lives. ¬†We know in all sorts of ways that God has a chapter of our lives to shortly close, and a new chapter about to be revealed. ¬†Time to sing a new song!

So, here is that new song. Quite some time since I last wrote a song … but that’s for another day.
Here it is. Enjoy … and praise be to God!


backing track in C

vocal demo in B flat

Sing a new song    

O sing to the Lord
a brand new song
Sing a new song, sing a new song
God will judge in fairness
the right from wrong
Sing a new song, sing a new song

Shout your praise to God
Sing out loud to God
Join your voices; one in praise
Mountains shout with joy
Rivers clap their hands
to the Lord of all our days

God’s love ever steadfast,
faithful, strong
Sing a new song, sing a new song
All the ends of the earth
join the chorus throng
Sing a new song, sing a new song

The Lord has made his salvation known
Sing a new song, sing a new song
God in Christ has claimed us
as his own
Sing a new song, sing a new song

David MacGregor
 © 2013 Willow Publishing, inspired by portions of Psalm 98

Congregational song – forming faith, making disciples – Week 1

music_worship logoHi folks

Tomorrow, I start week 1 of my teaching series on the formative role of music, especially congregational song, in forming faith and discipleship. ¬†In essence, it’s a distillation of my 2007 Masters thesis, majorly worked for sharing with a congregation. ¬†I’m taking the risky (and I pray not-too-demanding) step of sharing this across our three worship services for the next 3 Sundays at Indooroopilly Uniitng Church, Brisbane.

Click this link for a full transcript of Week One.   This is for non-profit personal reflection/study OR small group use only.


Make a joyful noise! … now with leadsheet

I’m currently on ministers retreat at the “James Byrne Centre” just outside Toowoomba, Australia. It’s an absolutely glorious day to usher in the first day of the Oz spring. Just prior to settling down to finally finish Brian McLaren’s “Everything Must Change” I drove 5 minutes down the road to get the newspapers – creature of habit that I am!

Driving back – totally out of the blue the words of Psalm 100 came to mind, along as is invariably the case a matching melody line. And so, a new song is born. Thanks God. Haven’t written all that many overt praise songs over the years – thanks to the psalmist, there’s no doubt about this one. Music score will be there once back is Brissy this Thursday – if I can’t help myself before then. Here it is:

Make a joyful noise to God
Sing it, all the earth
Worship God in shouts of praise
Sing with joy to God

1. You alone are God
We’re fruit of your creation
We belong to you
The sheep of your great pasture

2. Lord, with thankful hearts
We come within your presence
You are goodness. grace
Your faithfulness forever

make a joyful noise to god (rpt)

(C) David MacGregor
From Psalm 100


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