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Ride on, Jesus!

When in the States with Dale in late February, I had a retreat day … using an excellent resource by Irene Alexander that my presbytery had made possible . We were encouraged to read one of the New Testament Palm Sunday narratives, reflect on wrote it a wonderful (c) John August Swanson painting, and if we wished, do something creative with our musing. This time, this monologue came to me.
Feel free to use, with attribution.

I share it with you. It’s called Ride on, Jesus!

(C) John August Swanson


Anyone who can draw in this sort of crowd
This sort of adulation
This sort of fervour
Hey, they must be blessed!

A rock star welcome!
Jesus, ride on!

Crowds out in their multitudes
from every crevice in the Jerusalem woodwork
… stonework
to meet you
to greet you
to praise you
to worship you
to check you out

to check out this oddity
this living, breathing, polarising
Captivating conundrum
that is you
the one who rides into town
as Prince of Peace
Not warrior of war and might …
as one who mounts a donkey
as one I’ve heard Peter proclaims
as the Christ, the Lord, the Messiah
as the Son of the living God
as the one … as the one
who soon will be mounted to a cross

as one who says
turn the other cheek
as one who offers
a new commandment to love
as one who rebuts the establishment’s cries
for the cheering to cease
as one who in the middle of this jubilant mayhem
cries out: “I tell you, if they keep quiet,
the stones under your feet will cry out!”

as one who says the last and the least and the lost
will come first
first at the table
first in your new kingdom
of grace, welcome,
hope and life

as one who not only talks about God
but who is God
who not only calls us to holiness
but is holiness
who not only calls us to repentance
but is repentance
who is forgiveness

Jesus, ride on!

Jesus, God
we’ve taken in your teaching
we’ve marvelled at your miracles
we’ve wowed at your wisdom
But how could all this be?

I’m waving my palm branches
My red cloak is laid out as you come by
Red cloaks, blue cloaks, green cloaks
They’re all being waved.
Green – for life and peace
Blue – for something deep in the soul … the heart
Red – well, raising a red flag means
Sit up and take notice
Something’s happening here
Something unusual
maybe even not right
Yes, red flag for me.
This is no ordinary parade
No ordinary welcome.

Forget the soldiers, the scoffers, the skeptics
I’ve heard what they think of you …
nothing but treachery
nothing but blasphemy
nothing but insurrection
nothing but elimination

I can only tell my own story
We can only tell our own stories
When it was all hopeless
You offered my hope

When I was afraid
You offered your presence
When I felt forgotten
You brought me in
Offered welcome
Life in abundance
Life overflowing.

Is that what everyone around me
hollers about?
The latest Messiah
to get us out of our deep mess?
I’ve heard you’ll be tried
I’ve heard you’ll be betrayed
I’ve heard you’ll be ridiculed something shocking
I’ve heard – to be blunt
– they want to get rid of you
once and for all.

But that’s not all I’ve heard
I’ve heard there’s more to you
There always seems to be more to you.
That you promise a response
Like only God can offer
There always seems to be more to you.
You say the taints and torture
A deathly torture, no less
It won’t be the end
No way.
will be just the beginning.

So Jesus
Ride on
You Prince of Peace
Ride on
You healer of hearts

Ride on
You Son of God
… to your future
Not for yourself
To our future
The future of all creation

So Jesus
bring in your kingdom some more
Go to your cross
Go beyond
Save us
Love us
Free us!
Ride on, Jesus!

Ride on
faithful one

David MacGregor
Ash Wednesday, 2020

no ordinary …

Thought I’d share something a bit different.   It came to me this morning – at church this Sunday (Palm/Passion Sunday), rather than the usual sermon, share something that’s more like poem.
So, how would it be to share a longer Palm Sunday poem, with four sections – the sections beginning with the words:

  • This is no ordinary donkey
  • This is no ordinary Messiah
  • This is no ordinary crowd
  • This is (we are) no ordinary people

Knowing me, text is bound to change between now and Sunday morning, but for now, here it is.  Feel free to use/adapt …

no ordinary

This is no ordinary donkey

this is no ordinary beast of burden

no grand warhorse here

just a humble donkey

but no ordinary donkey this one:

this animal carrying God’s peace-message

God’s life and hope message

God’s message of freedom

God’s message of salvation

God’s way home

the Way.

message of peace

living message

the message

the good news

Christ – the prince of peace

This Christ-carrier

this colt never before ridden

this animal

answer to disciples’ obedience

journeys through adoring crowd

coats, cloaks, palms

laid out in royal carpet

as royal tapestry

no pack-mule work for this donkey

no dusty roadway

this is no ordinary donkey


this is the one who sets the Christ forward

forward on a journey of destiny

a journey that ends

no … begins at a cross

this is no ordinary donkey

Continue reading ‘no ordinary …’

Sing Hosanna … new song for Holy Week

palms_cross1New Palm/Passion Sunday song to offer you.  It’s called Sing hosanna. I’m really happy with it. As it turns out, portions of the chorus have strong echoes of  the melody from “Geistliche Kirchengesang” – popularized in Ralph Vaughan Williams’ setting of All Creatures of Our God and King. Fairly upbeat, the refrain has the possibility of the first half as an echo thing – men singing a phrase then echoed by the women, before the whole community singing together as one.   As with all of my songs, they are copyright linked to my publisher: Willow Publishing; so please include mention of Willow in your CCLI recording and acknowledgements.

I’m keen to know how the song goes.  Hopefully by late next week, Dale and I will have put together backing and vocal tracks available through my Together to Celebrate site.

MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
ALL: Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save

Not by might
You come to save
Come to set us free
But by grace
and life and peace
Jesus, Saviour, Lord
blessed be

Sing hosanna …

Shout to all … Jerusalem
Your king comes to you now
Prince of peace, from David’s Son
Lay your branches
Before him, bow

MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
ALL: Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save
Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save

David MacGregor
© 2009 Willow Publishing     download full piano score & chords

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