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Bless your name forever

thanksgivingHere’s a new praise song for you, based on some verses in Psalm 145. Yes, it’s yet another song written on our annual January holidays; not Hervey Bay this time but over a beautiful few days near Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island.

Historically, I haven’t written all that many praise songs.  Not exactly sure why.  It may be that there’s so many around.  It’s certainly because I feel that many churches “o’d” on praise songs at the expense of songs that lead us into intercession, lament, justice and peace-making and mission .. but many of you have heard my thoughts on that many times previously 🙂

The song began to emerge while enjoying some quiet and still time soon after sunrise by the shores of Hervey Bay, having just IMG_3131read Psalm 145.  I had my mandolin with me and have resolved in 2016 to enjoying playing it a lot more.  Any ‘mandolinist’ knows that the key of G is clearly the easiest key for mandolin, so Bless your name forever   – you guessed it, is in G.  Perhaps not surprising, the song has an unashamedly folk/country feel. Mandolin lends itself so well to songs in this genre.  Hopefully this one of mine does it justice, and ultimately our Creator God is praised.  Go ahead and enjoy using it.  Vocal track coming in the next week or so. Cheers.


mp3 backing

Every day I will bless you Lord
I will praise your name forever
I will praise you, O my God and King
and bless your name forever

Great are you, Lord
Great to be praised
Your greatness, unlimited
Generations will praise your works
Your mighty acts forever

Lord, you are grace
Your mercy wide
Slow angered and rich in love
Lord your goodness extends to all
Compassion in all you’ve made

David MacGregor
 © 2016  Willow Publishing
 from Psalm 145


“Peace on Earth” – new Christmas song demo vocal

peaceDale and I have put down a new demo vocal for my new Christmas song – Peace on Earth (and mercy mild).

mp3 vocal demo

My previous blog post gives you lyrics, score and the back story.

Cheers, David

in your presence

IMG_2708 Here’s a new song!

It was born as I took an early-morning beachwalk at Mooloolaba during a couple of days R&R straight after May’s Queensland UC synod meetings.  Beachwalks always ‘do it’ for me.  It was a special God-time … a kairos moment.  I just knew God’s presence with me, as the water lapped my feet; as the sun rose over the ocean horizon.

Not only did I know it or sense it, I had this wonderful delight in it.  God’s hope and peace were with me.

Well, some song possibilities started coming, both in lyric, melody and chord sequence.  Took some time to nail it, though. I ended up writing this song: in your presence as my response to God’s enduring presence with me through the challenges of these times.

Yes, it is a worship song, but alongside this, it’s also deeply personal. I invite you to reflect on the words, listen to the mp3 with Dale’s lovely vocal and if you wish, use it in your worship space … whatever that means to you.


In your presence      mp3 vocal   music score 

Sure as the sunrise
day follows night
Lord I delight in your presence
You promise: be with me
though mountains will rise
Lord I delight in your presence

As far as the waters
so cover the seas
Your mercy, your promise
will be there for me
Your love never ceases
Remains steadfastly
Lord I delight in your presence

When life is crumbling
Foundations give way
Lord there is hope in your presence
Strength for tomorrow
and joy in today
Lord there is hope in your presence

As far as the waters …

Through all the turmoil
and pain cruelly borne
Lord there is peace in your presence
Beyond comprehension
Yet fresh as new morn
Lord there is peace in your presence

As far as the waters
so cover the seas
Your mercy, your promise
will be there for me
Your love never ceases
Remains steadfastly
Lord, there is peace in your …
There is hope in your …
There’s delight in your presence

David MacGregor
 © 2013 Willow Publishing

the Reproaches


An unusual sort of post for me. Been doing some Good Friday worship service planning – and have decided to use the Uniting Church’s sample Good Friday service in Uniting in Worship 2 this year,

I noted a week or so back that it uses the ancient tradition of the saying of the Reproaches.  This can also involved individual veneration of the cross – namely people coming to a large wooden cross amid/before the congregation and them kneeling at it or even kissing it.

Now, I’m not going with this where you might be concerned I am.  This is not about worshipping a piece of wood.  A helpful article explains things:

The full article is here.

All of this is by way of mentioning that I’ve written a really short (I mean short!) congregational sung response for a slight adaptation of the traditional Reproaches response:

cantor: Holy God
cong’n: Holy and mighty
Holy, immortal God
 have mercy on us

music score  simple mp3 backing

Grace and peace,


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