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Bless your name forever

thanksgivingHere’s a new praise song for you, based on some verses in Psalm 145. Yes, it’s yet another song written on our annual January holidays; not Hervey Bay this time but over a beautiful few days near Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island.

Historically, I haven’t written all that many praise songs.  Not exactly sure why.  It may be that there’s so many around.  It’s certainly because I feel that many churches “o’d” on praise songs at the expense of songs that lead us into intercession, lament, justice and peace-making and mission .. but many of you have heard my thoughts on that many times previously 🙂

The song began to emerge while enjoying some quiet and still time soon after sunrise by the shores of Hervey Bay, having just IMG_3131read Psalm 145.  I had my mandolin with me and have resolved in 2016 to enjoying playing it a lot more.  Any ‘mandolinist’ knows that the key of G is clearly the easiest key for mandolin, so Bless your name forever   – you guessed it, is in G.  Perhaps not surprising, the song has an unashamedly folk/country feel. Mandolin lends itself so well to songs in this genre.  Hopefully this one of mine does it justice, and ultimately our Creator God is praised.  Go ahead and enjoy using it.  Vocal track coming in the next week or so. Cheers.


mp3 backing

Every day I will bless you Lord
I will praise your name forever
I will praise you, O my God and King
and bless your name forever

Great are you, Lord
Great to be praised
Your greatness, unlimited
Generations will praise your works
Your mighty acts forever

Lord, you are grace
Your mercy wide
Slow angered and rich in love
Lord your goodness extends to all
Compassion in all you’ve made

David MacGregor
 © 2016  Willow Publishing
 from Psalm 145


bring your peace, Lord … the vocal

small-wooden-pier-on-the-calm-lake-4978-706Dale’s just recorded a wonderful vocal for my new song Bring your peace, Lord.

Check it out: vocal mp3

score   lyrics

Cheers – David

bring your peace, Lord

small-wooden-pier-on-the-calm-lake-4978-706A new song …  coming out of some demanding times … life is full of its challenges right now. I’m preaching this Sunday on the death and raising of Lazarus. Issues of death and life are all around me.  My Christian faith reminds me that it’s in the letting go … the losing … the giving-up … the dying (in all its connotations), we find new life. Trusting is the challenge.
In the wee hours of this morning, unable to get back to sleep, I sat with warming cup of tea in hand, seeking calm to my spirit.

Eventually back in bed, I sought slumber.  Unfortunately that did not come.  What did come was a song out of left field.  note: I will often recall a song in my head as I try to find sleep – often a worship song.

Suddenly, Hard Times (Come again no more)- Stephen Foster’s poignant song from the 19th century came to me.

It’s amazing how a song I had never heard sung before has come my way this past year or so; versions by Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. The chorus goes like this:

Tis the song, the sigh of the weary,
Hard Times, hard times, come again no more
Many days you have lingered around my cabin door;
Oh! Hard times come again no more.

That triggered something. I started praying. Fresh words came.  Simple words of longing – longing for God’s peace, hope, love and life. I pray this for “Mike”, as I shared in recent posts. For me it’s bound up in God’s shalom.  So Bring your peace, Lord is the result.  It’s meant to be very sparse in its accompaniment, but earnest in its longing.  I guess this song more than most comes out of where things are for me at present, as “Mike’s” health fades more and more and other challenges present themselves. I know that God above all offers me, offer us each one what this song-prayer seeks.


Bring your peace, Lord   lyrics  score
Bring your peace, Lord
Bring your peace, O Lord
Peace again
Peace in the hard times
Peace in the pain
Bring your peace, O Lord
Peace again.

Bring your hope, Lord …

Bring your love, Lord …

Bring your life, Lord …          


David MacGregor    © 2015 Willow Publishing

Never Let Go … vocals with a twist!

holding handsHere’s a vocal recording of my new song, Never Let Go.    
vocal mp3

Yesterday I blogged about the background to the song:.

The twist?  I wake this morning in Brisbane, Australia and a lovely email from Dale (in NE Ohio, USA) greets me. There’s a movie file attachment and the subject line: “Hope this comes through”. What comes through is Dale’s home recording (from NE Ohio, that is) with her vocal added to my backing track blogged yesterday. Dale’s iPhone and iPad make it happen.   So – yours truly promptly, with the wonders of Logic Pro, dubs the audio from Dale’s video onto the existing Never Let Go backing track, adds some acoustic guitar and extra percussion … and what have we got?  A vocal recording (yeah, home job, I know) of the song.  Might share it with “Mike” in a few days. Check it out.      vocal


Mothers Day song (interactive) … for Messy Church this Sunday

Mother's DayHi!

Here’s a new Mothers Day song … for a Messy Church time our church is having this weekend. I’ve gone boldly and scarily (for you, that is) and croaked out a vocal. It’s right back in the mix.  The singing is purely there to give something of the feel!

I reckon it will work well when we use it, and be lots of fun!  That’s certainly my hope. The plan is prior to singing, we’ll get some words (two syllables each) that describe what we can give thanks for in mothers and all in mothering roles.   We’ll write them down in large letters on a flip-chart, then sing the song through a few times, substituting words from the chart each time.

Meanwhile, there’s also opportunity for:

  • whistling OR “do-do-doing” in the instrumental bits each time
  • using this bit right through the song, as a group from congregation (maybe the mums themselves!) sing it over an over like an ostinato
  • plenty of finger-clicking or clapping
  • lots of fun, thanksgiving and affirmation.

See what you think, and enjoy!!!

backing track

vocal demo (repeat … demo)

Thank you God for Mums      music score     lyrics file

Do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do-do
Do-do-do, do-do-do, do-do-do-do

We give thanks
God of love
For the * _________
For the * _________

Thank you God
Thank you God
Thank you God for Mums!


coda: Yeah!

 David MacGregor © 2014 Willow Publishing

* … at the end of each line, insert a two-syllable word OR two-word couplet; eg. Loving, helping, teaching, kindness, fun times, cuddles, smiling, cooking

# … this section could be:
a. whistled
b. sung repeatedly by a small group or section of the congregation

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