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A Child, a Woman and a Man – poignant Brian Wren lyrics, my new setting


Yesterday in preparing for coming Sunday’s worship and its Interfaith September focus, I came across these most powerful and poignant words by iconic contemporary hymn writer – Brian Wren. The song: A Child, a Woman and a Man.   As I wrestle with the discipleship implications of hospitality with other faiths, the ever-present refugee/asylum-seeker issue, Christ’s call via Matthew 25 to attend to the hungry, naked and homeless … as Mother Teresa was “sainted” by the Roman Catholic Church, a new melody came to me.  It does use a common chord sequence.  So what!  It works for me in this song.  See what you think.  Eventually I’ll arrange a vocal track – not sure when – busy times. Anyhow, after this song, the way I engage the dispossessed or discarded people of this earth might never be quite the same.


score  mp3 backing demo

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a heart for you (working title)

Last week the Uniting Church in Queensland met (400 or so from across the state) for our synod: a 5-day gathering that happens every 18 months.  A key part of journey over those days (and in fact the 6 months prior AND the 18 months following) was … and will continue to be … the Together on the Way process a time of discernment for the future of the Church in Queensland.

We were invited to reflect on a draft statement or response to God’s call, along with a listing of core Gospel Values. Over a week has flown by since – I’ve been reflecting on these draft statements and values.  Yesterday the embryo of some song lyrics came to me – I guess it’s my journey with the process; my sense of who the Uniting Church is called to do and be in these times and into the future – in response to the prompting and gifting of the Spirit.  The tune etc has had umpteen drafts and redrafts — until it’s at the stage now where the chorus does it justice and it’s in a singable key (for me anyway!)

Its working title (as suggested by an e-group respondent is A heart for you – with “you” having the twin connotations of ‘God’ and ‘others’

Goes like this.  leadsheet

A heart for you

1. Ever moving on a journey
Ever travellers on The Way
Ever open as communities of grace
Knowing your renewing spirit
God you call us: faithful be
The love of Christ has saved us, set us free

With a heart for justice
With feet of compassion
uniting with hope in Christ our Lord
witnessing in faith
to the One who calls us
proclaiming Christ in deed and word

2. Ever offering compassion
Loving neighbour as you love
Ever serving in the name of Jesus Christ
Bringing God’s transforming hope for all
in overflowing joy
In Christ, the truth the world will not destroy
With a heart for justice …

3. Ever speaking out for justice
Ever telling out God’s truth
Ever risking Jesus’ way, despite the cost
Being doers of God’s justice
Loving, sharing mercy’s heart
Walking humbly with our God
How great you are!
With a heart for justice

© David MacGregor 2010
Willow Publishing

Congregational song – forming faith, making disciples – Week 2

Hi all

The teaching series kicked off well last Sunday – with some initial establishing some basics about the role of music in worship and especially citing the case for music seeking to engage the ‘totality’ of God and the totality of our human condition.   After this, we spent some time reflecting on congregational song  1. as praise   2. as prayer.  Yes, we sang lots.  I enjoyed the singing of a marvellous 20th century Fred Prat Green hymn: When in our music, God is glorified (I even played it on the new Allen organ in the evening) AND the way the congregation embraced the wonderful old Vineyard classic: Hosanna. In the evening service, we sang a South African short song: God welcomes all, as well as its companion piece, the (Themba) Amen.  This one was written in a South African hospice which works with HIV/Aids patients.  Great songs, and brought to world-attention through John Bell of the Iona Community

SO … on to today.  During all three services today, we’ll focus on the place of congregational song as:

  1. confession & lament
  2. proclaiming justice
  3. forming our intercessions and community life

I’m looking forward to it – though I’ll sleep well tonight!

Click here for a full transcript of today’s teaching.   For Christian ministry, non-profit use only please.



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