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bring your peace, Lord … the vocal

small-wooden-pier-on-the-calm-lake-4978-706Dale’s just recorded a wonderful vocal for my new song Bring your peace, Lord.

Check it out: vocal mp3

score   lyrics

Cheers – David


bring your peace, Lord … some more

Done some small editing work on Bring your peace, Lord. I’ve been heartened by the interest in the song. Thanks.

  • The “B” that was in Bar #9 is now correctly a Bflat!  Thanks J.
  • I offer a slight variation in bars 10 to 12
  • I think the song “works” equally well if one substitutes “Bring your …” with “Be our …”; e.g. “Be our peace, Lord …”

score [updated]



bring your peace, Lord

small-wooden-pier-on-the-calm-lake-4978-706A new song …  coming out of some demanding times … life is full of its challenges right now. I’m preaching this Sunday on the death and raising of Lazarus. Issues of death and life are all around me.  My Christian faith reminds me that it’s in the letting go … the losing … the giving-up … the dying (in all its connotations), we find new life. Trusting is the challenge.
In the wee hours of this morning, unable to get back to sleep, I sat with warming cup of tea in hand, seeking calm to my spirit.

Eventually back in bed, I sought slumber.  Unfortunately that did not come.  What did come was a song out of left field.  note: I will often recall a song in my head as I try to find sleep – often a worship song.

Suddenly, Hard Times (Come again no more)- Stephen Foster’s poignant song from the 19th century came to me.

It’s amazing how a song I had never heard sung before has come my way this past year or so; versions by Bruce Springsteen and James Taylor. The chorus goes like this:

Tis the song, the sigh of the weary,
Hard Times, hard times, come again no more
Many days you have lingered around my cabin door;
Oh! Hard times come again no more.

That triggered something. I started praying. Fresh words came.  Simple words of longing – longing for God’s peace, hope, love and life. I pray this for “Mike”, as I shared in recent posts. For me it’s bound up in God’s shalom.  So Bring your peace, Lord is the result.  It’s meant to be very sparse in its accompaniment, but earnest in its longing.  I guess this song more than most comes out of where things are for me at present, as “Mike’s” health fades more and more and other challenges present themselves. I know that God above all offers me, offer us each one what this song-prayer seeks.


Bring your peace, Lord   lyrics  score
Bring your peace, Lord
Bring your peace, O Lord
Peace again
Peace in the hard times
Peace in the pain
Bring your peace, O Lord
Peace again.

Bring your hope, Lord …

Bring your love, Lord …

Bring your life, Lord …          


David MacGregor    © 2015 Willow Publishing

irish blessing

irish-blessing-horizontal-carol-saboHi!  I’ve written a new musical setting to the much-loved Irish Blessing.
music score
mp3 backing

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields
and until we meet again (until we meet again),
may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

The tune and feel just ‘came’. Why?  Perhaps it’s because I’m doing some soul-preparation to say my goodbyes and move on in a few months from the Oxley community in which we’ve ministered these past four years. I’m so happy with the ‘feel’ I’ve managed for the song. Lots of interesting chords and sequences … as it’s turned out.

In time, Dale and I will arrange a vocal track.  For now the backing track contains a French Horn playing the melody.
It probably works well with a soloist or small ensemble singing it first time through; then all who are gathered singing it as a blessing to each other.

I pray it finds some use.
[note: if you do and have a CCLI Licence, please acknowledge and record accordingly, music © David MacGregor 2013]



in your presence

IMG_2708 Here’s a new song!

It was born as I took an early-morning beachwalk at Mooloolaba during a couple of days R&R straight after May’s Queensland UC synod meetings.  Beachwalks always ‘do it’ for me.  It was a special God-time … a kairos moment.  I just knew God’s presence with me, as the water lapped my feet; as the sun rose over the ocean horizon.

Not only did I know it or sense it, I had this wonderful delight in it.  God’s hope and peace were with me.

Well, some song possibilities started coming, both in lyric, melody and chord sequence.  Took some time to nail it, though. I ended up writing this song: in your presence as my response to God’s enduring presence with me through the challenges of these times.

Yes, it is a worship song, but alongside this, it’s also deeply personal. I invite you to reflect on the words, listen to the mp3 with Dale’s lovely vocal and if you wish, use it in your worship space … whatever that means to you.


In your presence      mp3 vocal   music score 

Sure as the sunrise
day follows night
Lord I delight in your presence
You promise: be with me
though mountains will rise
Lord I delight in your presence

As far as the waters
so cover the seas
Your mercy, your promise
will be there for me
Your love never ceases
Remains steadfastly
Lord I delight in your presence

When life is crumbling
Foundations give way
Lord there is hope in your presence
Strength for tomorrow
and joy in today
Lord there is hope in your presence

As far as the waters …

Through all the turmoil
and pain cruelly borne
Lord there is peace in your presence
Beyond comprehension
Yet fresh as new morn
Lord there is peace in your presence

As far as the waters
so cover the seas
Your mercy, your promise
will be there for me
Your love never ceases
Remains steadfastly
Lord, there is peace in your …
There is hope in your …
There’s delight in your presence

David MacGregor
 © 2013 Willow Publishing

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