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The Song of the Supper

A while between posts, but here’s a new song, in the lead-up to Easter, using some John Bell words called The Song of the Supper.

I’ve been doing all sorts of Holy Week and Easter service prep, as one does this time of the year in my work. breadandjuicePalm/Passion Sunday and Good Friday are close to organised.   The various stations for a reflective, self-guided Journey to the Cross in our Sunday worship space has things in hand, as does Easter Day.

What hadn’t been in hand was the Maundy Thursday service.  However progress has been made, including the song selections. In my prep. I came across an early John Bell piece called The Song of the Supper.  I really liked the lyrics, but not the suggested traditional tune.  So I’ve written my own, just lead sheet and a backing mp3 at this stage.  Haven’t even asked permission from John Bell/Wild Goose to use the words.  Eventually I will.

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bagpipes and Johnny at Easter

cross2749bI’m reflecting on two conflicting pieces of music heard nearby – one at church, the other this morning: Good Friday from our patio.

Wednesday night, as my colleague Josie leads our church’s Holy Wednesday service – a quite, reflective one … what should waft through from the property next door, but the shrill and piercing sounds of bagpipes … above the sound of busy Station Road traffic and late-night shopping centre hustle/bustle across the road. It was hard to not be distracted by the music of this piper.  What’s he doing playing exactly at the time of our worship service?!

And then today – as Dale and I share our customary hot cross buns and brewed coffee for morning tea – after leading a Last Words of Jesus Good Friday service – from our usually very quite next-door neighbours – what seemed like Johnny Cash’s greatest hits!  Yes – not only do we reflect on When I survey the wondrous cross, O sacred head sore wounded and Here hangs a man discarded (we sang my setting) on Good Friday; we also ponder I walk the line, Folsom City Blues, Jackson and A boy named sue.

Once again I was reminded, as I was repeatedly through our weekly Lent bible studies, that we who are Christian find ourselves as a somewhat curious minority in the bigger picture of Australian society.  The issue is not that we are necessarily lampooned or disrespected – we can so easily become in irrelevance, a grouping far off the radar of most people.  No big deal for an Aussie to play their bagpipes or crank up the Johnny Cash during this most holy weeks.

In this week – the central week in the narrative of salvation history – did bagpipes and “the Man in Black” win out?  That’s not what my faith tells me.  That’s not what the life, death and rising of Jesus tells me.  Amid moving Jesus (so they thought) so off their radar to the point of relegating him to the cruelty and scandal of  a cross – Jesus has the final word – the final victory. Despite the horror and the sacrifice, Jesus wins out.  Love and forgiveness win out over the sin of our human condition, life wins out over death.

Amid the bagpipes … and a dose of Johnny … just part of the world Jesus comes into to redeem, reform and offer life forever.

Sing Hosanna … new song for Holy Week

palms_cross1New Palm/Passion Sunday song to offer you.  It’s called Sing hosanna. I’m really happy with it. As it turns out, portions of the chorus have strong echoes of  the melody from “Geistliche Kirchengesang” – popularized in Ralph Vaughan Williams’ setting of All Creatures of Our God and King. Fairly upbeat, the refrain has the possibility of the first half as an echo thing – men singing a phrase then echoed by the women, before the whole community singing together as one.   As with all of my songs, they are copyright linked to my publisher: Willow Publishing; so please include mention of Willow in your CCLI recording and acknowledgements.

I’m keen to know how the song goes.  Hopefully by late next week, Dale and I will have put together backing and vocal tracks available through my Together to Celebrate site.

MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
ALL: Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save

Not by might
You come to save
Come to set us free
But by grace
and life and peace
Jesus, Saviour, Lord
blessed be

Sing hosanna …

Shout to all … Jerusalem
Your king comes to you now
Prince of peace, from David’s Son
Lay your branches
Before him, bow

MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
MEN: Sing hosanna WOMEN: Sing hosanna
ALL: Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save
Sing hosanna, sing hosanna
Jesus come in peace, to save

David MacGregor
© 2009 Willow Publishing     download full piano score & chords

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