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Great lasagne @ Akron

I’m typing this while sitting @ McDonalds in Ravenna for breakfast. The hotcakes were so much better than their Oz equivalents. Dale and I decided we’d check out music stores etc in nearby Kent: a university town. Got my Martin guitar case there 3 years back.

it’s my last full day in the States. Come 2 pm tomorrow I drive our hire car back to Cleveland, beginning long journey home: 4 hours to LA, 4 hour layover, 13 hours on Qantas to Brisbane getting in 7 am Sunday.

the good news is both of us have got MUCH better sleep the past two nights. Breakfast at 10.30 sure beats brekky @ 5.

Past 3 days have been spent doing sorting/cleaning/vacuuming/eBaying/emptying and more. So it was nice to
drive last night to the Spaghetti Warehouse (an old BF Goodrich place) in downtown Akron where we were treated to this amazing lasagne dinner: 15-slice lasagne with a wonderful herby meat sauce. Beautiful!!!!! (check out picture below)

it’s been somewhat bewildering and somewhat sad to hear of the events in Canberra the past 48 hours. I wish Julia Gillard well – I think she will do well but was Rudd so on the nose? Perhaps so.

back to the coffee

Basement cleanout begins

half way through my week with Dale and her folks. Day started horribly – both of us awake by 4 am and nowhere near enough sleep. so hop in the car we do and off for a 5.30 am breakfast at Perkins then 6.30 am Wal-Mart shopping. Yes, you’re reading this right .

Suffice to say by 9 am we’re back asleep – waking @ 12, followed by most of the afternoon working with Dad Butrick making sense of the mountain of stuff in their huge basement. Figure we disposed of the contents of at least 40 jars of preserved tomatoes; some dating back well over 20 years.

Lovely late afternoon steak dinner in the deck before heading to Borders for coffee, cake, free Wi-fi and some book-browsing.

will we manage decent sleep tonight? Watch this space

Update from Garrettsville, Ohio, USA

it’s our 3rd full day with Dale’s folks just outside the rural town of Garrettville in NE Ohio, about one hour out of Cleveland.

we’re here mainly to help Mom & Dad Butrick in the process of making sense of all that’s needed and much that’s not in their basement. Mom was seriously ill back around Easter – important we come over: me for one week, Dale for three.

Hasn’t been all hard work. Caught up with Waybe & Sherry Klepper for a picnic lunch on Satirday (kept us awake after the tedium of flights getting us here) & had dinner with Diana ( Dale’s sister), husband Tom along with Steve & Maria AND also Dale’s uncle Jim & Aunt Bonnie at the nearby Outback Steakhouse. a bit of Australiana, though I could swear the food was VERY much American.

Enjoying coffee @ Borders (free Wifi) before heading for dinner. just bought out shop (not really ) @ Kohl’s clothing store. everything is so green. We’ve hired a small car – good move, considering both of us have been waking at 4 am. Two mornings now we’ve ended up @ a local family restaurant

Dale has just got confirmation that two of the girls she teaches have lost their dad in that terrible plane crash in Africa. pretty sad all around.

on a different note, took the accompanying photo of Mom & Dad relaxing on the deck yesterday. These Americans will go to all lengths when it comes to keeping a close watch on these Aussies (look closely). Long story!

cheers for now

Today’s the day to L.A. … the V-Australia way


Can’t help myself with words sometimes.  Anyhow, in just under 2 hours, Dale, Jeremy and I will be heading off to Brisbane International Airport to begin stage one of our long haul (optimist, aren’t I) to Nashville, USA – where Dale’s parents, siblings, spouses and so on will gather for a week-long family reunion.  It’s great that this is happening.  When last in the States in 05, Dale floated the idea … wonderful when things actually come off!

13 hour flight across the Pacific and I’m armed with lots of reading, my iPhone (good test of the battery), and hopefully a stack of good movies on the plane.  My track record (excuse the mixed metaphors) with in-flight movies is not real good.  In the past I’ve often been too tired OR its been Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell stuff.  I’ve checked the V-Australia website — the offerings look good.  Looks like I’ll be able to watch Gran Torino again … a stirring movie, and one of my favourites.

Jeremy is really looking forward to this..  He was last in the States with Dale’s family 16 years ago when he was 5. And Dale – just a great opportunity to catch up with her family, including her Mom – she has not been well; some friends, go to Gabriel’s (don’t ask!) and enjoy her three-week school holiday break.  And me – if the money stretches, my get a not-too-expensive mandolin.  Tomorrow night, as you do in Nashville, we are all as a family going to the Grand Ole Opry.  Alison Krauss is on the playbill.

Enough for now, except to say that we see this as an unexpected blessing – in no small way due to us being able to get three peak-season V-Australia return fares for $1150 each.

Up, up, and away … well, you’re still at Bareena St, David!

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