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Christmas ‘Round this Great Big World

Key people from my church met a few nights ago to get the ball rolling for our annual Community Carols; a big event in the life of our church and community.  One of our team, Melissa brought to our meeting a “Christmas Around the World” type script.

After much discussing, reflecting and wondering, we decided we’d go with it, with plenty of revision work ahead.  We decided we would “up” the “around the world” theme, including some appropriate songs.  Plenty of individual songs and carols from various countries, but despite my Googling, my YouTubing, my Apple Musicking, I came up empty when it came to sourcing kid-friendly Christ-centred songs on that theme.

So … on Tuesday, driving home, the chorus came really quickly.

Christmas ’round this great big world
Sing your praise – make it heard!
Jesus comes: God’s own son
Gift of love for ev’ryone

I get home and start Googling for “Merry Christmas” in various countries. The two verses are the result of that.   Here’s a boppy melody-line backing track.   Hopefully Dale and I will work on a vocal track sooner rather than later.


leadsheet   lyrics   mp3 backing

“You, Me, Everyone” (Let’s change the name!)

Hi. Last year … though I needed some recent reminding, I wrote a child-friendly song of the Cross.  I called it Love You, wanting our response to Jesus’ action for us on the Cross to be emphasised.

Ever since, while continuing to be happy with the song itself (economy of words, singable, lends itself well for reflective actions etc) I’ve been uneasy with the title.   Is the Cross ultimately about us and our response OR first and foremost is it about God’s initiative through his Son.

Yes, it’s the latter – so Love You is no more.  Those coda words remain, but the title is changed.  You can now know it and sing it as You, Me, Everyonebecause that points us to back to where the initiative comes from – from God toward us.


score   lyrics vocal mp3

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