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As I’ve just blogged, there’s another song … which perhaps cheekily I’m putting out there. Along with others, I’ve been invited to write a song for a special gathering of Christians here in Australia later this year.  I won’t say any more about this right now.

There’s something about the imagery and meaning of Christian baptism; the reality that in this sacrament, we die to Christ, before rising (literally/spiritually) with Christ through the waters of baptism … renewed in God through Jesus Christ; gifted and empowered by the Spirit.

For me, through our continual engagement, in baptism, with Christ’s dying and rising that we journey deeper into the life of Christ; into God’s story.  As we do, we find our story … individually and as commissioned, gifted community in Christ. In our baptism, we are thus called and commissioned as disciples of Christ – to celebrate, sorrow, rejoice, serve, learn, seek justice and build community.  And that’s just a start.  Here’s the song.  Dale and I have put together a vocal demo … admittedly a bit dodgy here and there.  I hope you’ll look beyond (dare I say, deeper than) that.

There’s potential for a bit of an echo thing happening through all but the last line of the refrain.  That could work well … male/female,, alternating halves of congregation. song leader/congregation.

Grace and peace,

music score
mp3 vocal[G]

journey deeper

  1. In the seeking is the finding
    In the learning we all gain
    In the living is the growing
    by your grace like morning rain
    In our gathering is Spirit
    In our sorrow we all pain
    In our worship we will hear your voice
    the call to life again
    So we journey
    Journey deeper
    Join your story
    Find your life
    God of loving
    God of promise
    We find our story
    Shine your light
  2. Working arm-in-arm for justice
    Finding Christ there in the least
    There with God’s refreshing Spirit
    sharing faith and life and peace..

As community in Jesus
may we  journey as God calls
Through the wellspring of your mercy deep
We’ll rise as first we fall

So we journey …

David MacGregor
© 2014 Willow Publishing
* alternative: “We find our stories”

deeper into you


Over the course of my songwriting journey (since my late-teens), a good percentage of my songs have arisen out of a theme or project, as much as necessarily a life experience … though rest assured there has been plenty of the latter.  I’ve written songs for Sunday school units, youth & kids camping themes, Bible study themes, special milestones in the life of the church (my still-used Together to Celebrate is one example – written in response to a series of Bible studies: The Next Step – put out by the UC Assembly for the 10th Anniversary of the Uniting Church in Australia).

And so it is that a whole collection of courses, programs and sermon-series seem to be suddenly happening at my church: Indooroopilly Uniting here in Brisbane, Australia.  For example, tonight I give leadership to an eight week series Going Deeper (a rebadged Confirmation group), next Sunday and for the four following Sundays in worship we’ll explore the topic of prayer & spirituality – under the theme: An engaging faith.  A Living the Questions group began last night.  There is talk of Alpha happening again.  See the linkages?  It’s all about going deeper with God, and deeper and further along the journey of Christian discipleship.

I felt inspired just before to write a song I hope to use (and suggest to my colleagues for their use too) during services I lead in the weeks ahead.  It’s called Deeper into you.  Here it is below, with music to be available later this week:

1. Deeper into you, Lord
seek me,  journey
All my life a prayer God
joined with you
Deeper into you, Lord
you are life and meaning
Deeper, deeper, deeper
Deeper into you

2. Spirit, take my weakness,
words unuttered, you
take my feelings
joy long quelled by pain
Deeper into you
to join in deep communion
Deeper, deeper, deeper
Deeper into you

Deeper into you, Lord,
call me outwards
In you, to be your heart
your hands, your voice
Deeper into you, Lord
you’re my life, my meaning
Deeper, deeper, deeper
Deeper into you

David MacGregor © 2009    Willow Publishing   music score

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