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My latest piece of instrumental music for these COVID-19 times as I/we travel through this season. Not sure if I’m adjusting that brilliantly. Mind you; are any of us?

I was going to call this very jazzy piece “Stir Crazy”. Sometimes I feel a bit like that. Introvert and home-body that I am, nevertheless (usually with Dale), I love:

  • going to the beach for a walk
  • having a Southbank or Springfield Robelle Domain swim
  • enjoying a coffee or meal at a local cafe
  • going to the movie or play OR the cricket or football
  • worshipping with my church community … I mean, in person ūüėÄ
  • having people over when we want to
  • travelling

Can’t do that right now. None of us can really. ¬†We will get through this … I remind myself. ¬†My Christian faith reminds me to be still and know God’s presence. ¬†I keep coming back to Psalm 46:10.

So … with no disrespect to the Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline classic, I’m simply calling this one: CRAZY.

Over 20 years ago while in Cairns, Dale and I wrote an all-ages musical called¬†Scary Times. ¬†This coronavirus thing sure is scary … when you consider its implications. ¬†“Crazy” is equally apt.

So, take a listen. I had some fun putting the recording of this together!  Do what you like with it. Loop it and even have a dance.  Some already have!

Take care,


Songs of hope for tough times


A few days back, following up encouragement from others, I posted a YouTube playlist:¬†SONGS OF HOPE FOR TOUGH TIMES. Here it is … nine songs of mine, including a few reflective instrumentals. ¬†You may well have heard or sung some of them before.

I thought I’d include these songs:

I’ll Hold You Forever (Do Not Fear)
Reflecting on God’s constant promise in Scripture: ¬†“Do not fear, I am with you”

We’ve lit a candle
As the coronavirus pandemic was deepening across our nation and worldwide, we joined folk lighting a candle each evening in our front window in solidarity with others doing the same, joining in solidarity and prayer.  On 22 March, churches across Scotland did just that.  A prayer was provided.  The lyrics of that prayer form the basis of this song.

Never let go
This song of wasn’t written for these COVID19 times. I wrote it almost five years ago while walking along the beach and reflecting on the fading health of a much-loved member of our community. Yet amid the struggle, I couldn’t escape the promise of my Christian faith through scripture and personal experience, that God never lets us go. Dale did a brilliant vocal, backed up on vocal and guitar by Peter, a longtime friend, himself struggling with life issues. I share it because I believe it can speak into our current times too.

Bring your peace, Lord
In part inspired by some significant well-being challenges I faced in the second half of 2015 and Stephen Foster’s profound song¬†Hard Times (Come again, no more) I wrote this one, in the style of sorts of an American spiritual.

No other hands
Based on the words allegedly centuries ago of the Christian music, St Teresa of Avila

This one dates back about 15 years. ¬†It’s in my humble opinion, one of the best instrumental pieces I’ve ever written. ¬†As I wrote it I was incredibly aware of the presence of God. ¬† It continues to evoke that presence.

Written just days ago as autumn (fall) happens in the Southern Hemisphere and as treasured customs in society start falling or straining too amid all that the coronavirus pandemic throws up.

Because the Lord’s my shepherd
This is a real “oldie”; written ca. 1979 for an all-age musical I’d written called¬†Rock-on Goliath, based on the Old Testament David & Goliath narrative. ¬†This one is sung by “David” and is based on Psalm 23. ¬†Chris Macnaught played David in this production. Many years later, Chris recorded the song professionally. ¬†He does a fantastic job.

Irish blessing
Vocals by a longtime friend Katharine McPhail, this is my setting of the much-loved words of blessing. ¬†I’ve been touched by how many people have been blessed by this song,.

Take care.

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