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God’s “Yes!”

Here’s an edited version of my Christmas Day sermon, shared this morning at Wellers Hill-Tarragindi Uniting Church, Brisbane, Australia

Christmas blessings, David

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“No Other Hands” – a discipleship song

A new song … No Other Hands

You see, I’m just back last night from an enriching Emmaus Walk, which I helped lead. The Emmaus movement has enriched and stretched me over 25 years, though I’ve been less involved in recent years.

Time and time again over the three days, as pilgrims and team refocused on so many things to do with faith and discipleship, in a special community of grace, I kept on coming back to 16th century words attributed to Teresa of Avila, though her authorship is disputed.

Many of you will know these well …

Christ has no body now on earth but yours; no hands but yours; no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ must look out on the world. Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good. Yours are the hands with which He is to bless His people.

On Saturday, as people around tables discussed much about faith and discipleship … what it means to follow Jesus, somewhat surprisingly (because spare time was at a premium) I found myself penning a song based on these words.  I chose to keep it simple, and somewhat repetitive.  It’s called No Other Hands.  Didn’t seem right to share it on the walk (the walk is for the “pilgrims”), so I’m sharing it now.

For now, I’ve put together the most basic of backing track

as well as piano score. Vocal recording here now too.   mp3 vocal demo
Here’s the lyrics. Feel free to use, as a song of discipleship.

Blessings, David

Christ has no other hands but your hands
no other hands but yours
No body now on earth but yours
… no other hands but yours
… no other hands but yours.

Christ has no other feet but your feet
no other feet but yours
No body now on earth but yours
… no other feet but yours
… no other feet but yours.

Yours are the eyes for Christ’s compassion
the eyes for Christ to see
To look out on a hurting world
… the eyes for Christ to see
… the eyes for Christ to see

Christ has no other hands but our hands
– no other eyes to see
Ours are the feet to do God’s work
… the ones to bring God’s blessing
… the ones to love, to bless

David MacGregor

© 2017 Willow Publishing
based on words traditionally attributed to Teresa of Avila

A Child, a Woman and a Man – poignant Brian Wren lyrics, my new setting


Yesterday in preparing for coming Sunday’s worship and its Interfaith September focus, I came across these most powerful and poignant words by iconic contemporary hymn writer – Brian Wren. The song: A Child, a Woman and a Man.   As I wrestle with the discipleship implications of hospitality with other faiths, the ever-present refugee/asylum-seeker issue, Christ’s call via Matthew 25 to attend to the hungry, naked and homeless … as Mother Teresa was “sainted” by the Roman Catholic Church, a new melody came to me.  It does use a common chord sequence.  So what!  It works for me in this song.  See what you think.  Eventually I’ll arrange a vocal track – not sure when – busy times. Anyhow, after this song, the way I engage the dispossessed or discarded people of this earth might never be quite the same.


score  mp3 backing demo

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no way! no go! no bullying!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.46.01 amWell, I’m always up for a musical challenge! I’ve finally got around, at the request of the local primary school chaplain (and a key children’s ministry leader at our church) to write a kids song for Friday week’s National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. The theme from their website: Bullying. No Way!  

Seems a long while since I’ve written a “non-God” kids song. Last one from memory was about 30 years back in my Lowood teaching days.  Linked in with a school “get fit” campaign, I somewhat sheepishly wrote Feelin’ Fine All Round.  Song holds up well.

Anyhow, this one came quickly.  Hopefully it connects well with the theme, kids can sing it with lots of actions (chaplain’s request) and most importantly – it encourages positive action in relation to bullying and violence against (in this case) children.   The request was to have it fairly ‘rock’n’roll’, so here it is.  My vocal prowess is well-and-truly not there, but hopefully, the vocal demo (very demo) gives the idea.  Feel free to use wherever, with simple attribution.  Oh – I need to go back to my kids club prep for this afternoon … exploring how Jesus was dealt with by the crowds.  Mmmm … some sort of link there!  Cheers- David

vocal demo:
backing track:


Won’t take it
Won’t make it
Won’t take that bullying
Don’t get it
Won’t let it
No way!
No go!no bullying!

1. Don’t let them mess
with you no more
Speak out
Speak loud
Speak strong
Let’s stand together – tell the truth
that bullying’s not on!

Won’t take it …

2. And when it seems
It just won’t stop
Tell those who care,
you trust
Tell those who’ll help you out for sure
Be kind, be friends
We must!

Won’t take it …

La, la, la …

 David MacGregor
© 2015 Willow Publishing


Because the Lord’s my shepherd

sheep-with-shepherdLong time ago I wrote a new musical setting of Psalm 23.  I called it Because the Lord’s my shepherd.

It was written in the late 1970s (yes, that’s right) as part of a musical called Rock-On Goliath!  I wrote the musical in connection with the International Year of the Child.  We performed Rock-On at my local church at Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Australia.  Later that year (or was it the next!) as part of a Queensland Uniting Church synod musical presentation.  Chris Macnaught, later a member of my first congregation in ministry (Sunnybank UC) sang the part of David – the shepherd boy.

This Sunday’s lectionary readings (especially John 10:22-30 and Psalm 23) take us back into the shepherd heart of God. We’re reminded that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice.   At a time when “The Voice” (as in TV show phenomenon) rates through the roof, I need to be reminded of our shepherd God, and to listen afresh to that voice.

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