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Lead Me, Lord … new song

Time to share a new song: Lead Me, Lord

Some background …

I, and everything around me seems to be in a time of discernment.  I can’t seem to escape from that word. Mind you, as a Christian, I’m falteringly part of that all my waking hours … sensing by the Spirit and the love of Jesus, God’s fresh call on my life and the community in which I serve.

Our local church at Tarragindi and five nearby Uniting Churches are on an almost two-and-a-half year journey now called Destiny Together. Last August we decided “in principle” to continue working toward a formal mission-driven amalgamation.  Each congregation makes their thoughts known on 13 October.
There’s massive discernment required for that. Massive.  What new thing is God calling us to? What from the rich heritage of the past do we hold dear, and resist releasing?  Discernment!

I’m about 1 1/2 years off retirement.  Dale finishes up ostensibly in December at her school; though many months leave will take her well into 2020.  Discernment needed for our future … and I mean more than what cruise or trip will we go on 🙂    We move to our retirement home in Springfield Rise, Ipswich in the first part of 2021 … getting closer.

Amid the Destiny Together congregational discernment, I’ve been sensing that our people individually need some assistance understanding where God is leading them in their walk with God.  It’s a walk in which many deal with doubts, adversity, lack of resilience, faith questions and so on.  Discerning God’s purpose is important – both individually and together.  So, we’re going to undertake in over August and September, a six part series (in our case, mainly by video) by Rob Fuquay called Which Way, Lord. It draws on the teachings and life experience of the Apostle Paul.  I believe it will be helpful.

So … with all this discernment stuff around me, and mindful of some traditional and modern “discernment” and “vision” songs out there,  I nonetheless have written my own; deliberately with a (hopeful) simplicity of words – and with both individual and communal dimensions.   I’m also really happy with some of the chords and chord sequences I’ve used.

Check it out:
score  mp3 backing

Lead Me, Lord

Lead me Lord
Lead me Lord
Guide me as I walk your Way
Lead me Lord
Lead us Lord
Lead us Lord
Guide us as we walk your Way
Lead us Lord

Strengthen, Lord
Strengthen, Lord
for my purpose found in you
Strengthen, Lord
Strengthen, Lord
Strengthen, Lord
Hold us through our weakest times

Grace us, Lord
Grace us, Lord
Grace us as we walk your way
Grace us, Lord
Grace us, Lord
Grace us, Lord
Grace us as we walk your way
Grace us, Lord

David MacGregor
 © 2019 Willow Publishing

“Am I Free … ?”

Am I Free …?  is a new song written, on invitation, and in response to the freedom of speech / freedom from discrimination debate currently rife in my country of Australia and indeed around the world.  When and where and why should a person of faith be able to share in the public space (including social media) what they believe … without fear of repercussion and sanction. The rugby-playing fate of Christian Wallaby Israel Folau brought this to a head and informs much of my musing in this song.

But more than that … how can we be a more tolerant, compassionate, listening, empathetic and dialoguing society?  How can our debate be characterised by love and mutual respect, especially for the neighbour … the one who is different in whatever way from us?

The level of what for me is clear partisanship by some Christian friends in and around the recent Australian federal election also connect with this.   Can we see the potential and intent in the other’s position as not inherently bad?  How can we be as one, without seemingly demonising the other point of view.

leadsheet  lyrics    mp3 vocal [Am] Continue reading ‘“Am I Free … ?”’

“I belong to you” – 40 years on – reconciliation

Hi. Just had a lightbulb moment.  Yes – a song: an old, old song. You see, I’m finalising my planning for our local church celebration next Sunday (16 July) of the Uniting Church in Australia’s 40th birthday. A significant thing to celebrate, as hopefully an impetus for moving forward.

I find myself reflecting on what I’ve valued in my 40 years in the UCA (not to mention the 22 Presbyterian Church years beforehand). One word pops out more than any other – reconciliation.  I can’t escape Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:19

God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting our sins against us, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation


I find myself impacted more and more with the truth that reconciliation is about breaking down the barriers, it’s about bringing people together, it’s about seeing the face of Jesus in the other through the eyes, hands and heart of compassion.  About dealing lovingly with difference.

That’s it.  Whether it’s First and Second People’s coming together, people of different cultures, faiths and denominations coming together, people across the political or socio-economic divide coming together, people across the generations coming together in worship or community service, people coming together at God’s Table … for me, this is reconciliation in some way or another.   And I’m glad to be part of a church, a movement actually (so often imperfect, so often …. ) that’s sought to live out the reconciliation God not only offers through Jesus, but as importantly calls us to as disciples.  This strange church I belong to keeps on committing itself to bringing people together.  I’m so glad.  So what about the song.

Continue reading ‘“I belong to you” – 40 years on – reconciliation’

On Purpose … a song for moving forward

On Purpose logo

New song! On Purpose is written for a gathering of 350 or so Uniting Church folk from, around Queensland in just a few weeks time on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. It’s called “synod” and once again, I’m one of the worship coordinators and part of the music team. Peter from our church in Brisbane has a great voice – he sings a great vocal for the rough mp3 demo provided. Thanks Pete!

On Purpose started with what I liked as a chord sequence beginning with an A2 chord (for the musos reading this).

Hopefully it will work … there’s a “Coldplayish” coda too, with a few “wo-oh-oh” bits. Could be fun if people pick up on the idea – you know, hands waving from side to side, folks singing at fine voice.

It’s a while since I’ve written a guitar-based song, so let’s see how this one goes, including connecting with key themes of the five-day gathering.


piano score

On purpose
In service
With Jesus
Spirit/Kingdom called
With passion
With purpose
Lead us, Lord

God in Christ
You call us: be your church
A sign, a foretaste
of your kingdom birth.
“Go, disciple
to the ends of the earth”
Make that difference
for the One you serve

On purpose, in service …

Born of water, spirit
Christ, we’re raised
A holy people called
to sing your praise
Your word, your Word
alive in us always
with joy, love, hope
as we each run your race

On purpose, in service …

Wo – o – o – o …

David MacGregor
© 2016 Willow Publishing


“you are mine” … baptism song VOCAL


A few weeks now since, inspired by the gospel accounts of Jesus’ baptism, I wrote a baptismal song of my own – the lyric throughout the song being in the first-person of God addressing the one baptised.

Dale and I have finally – been offline for two days due to loss of power here in Brisbane – put together a vocal track (in the key of A) for the song.  Gives what I believe is a good feel for the song.

I was thrilled to hear of someone using the song at their child’s baptism this past weekend.

music score
Vocal mp3



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