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“I belong to you” – 40 years on – reconciliation

Hi. Just had a lightbulb moment.  Yes – a song: an old, old song. You see, I’m finalising my planning for our local church celebration next Sunday (16 July) of the Uniting Church in Australia’s 40th birthday. A significant thing to celebrate, as hopefully an impetus for moving forward.

I find myself reflecting on what I’ve valued in my 40 years in the UCA (not to mention the 22 Presbyterian Church years beforehand). One word pops out more than any other – reconciliation.  I can’t escape Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:19

God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting our sins against us, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation


I find myself impacted more and more with the truth that reconciliation is about breaking down the barriers, it’s about bringing people together, it’s about seeing the face of Jesus in the other through the eyes, hands and heart of compassion.  About dealing lovingly with difference.

That’s it.  Whether it’s First and Second People’s coming together, people of different cultures, faiths and denominations coming together, people across the political or socio-economic divide coming together, people across the generations coming together in worship or community service, people coming together at God’s Table … for me, this is reconciliation in some way or another.   And I’m glad to be part of a church, a movement actually (so often imperfect, so often …. ) that’s sought to live out the reconciliation God not only offers through Jesus, but as importantly calls us to as disciples.  This strange church I belong to keeps on committing itself to bringing people together.  I’m so glad.  So what about the song.

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“you are mine” … baptism song VOCAL


A few weeks now since, inspired by the gospel accounts of Jesus’ baptism, I wrote a baptismal song of my own – the lyric throughout the song being in the first-person of God addressing the one baptised.

Dale and I have finally – been offline for two days due to loss of power here in Brisbane – put together a vocal track (in the key of A) for the song.  Gives what I believe is a good feel for the song.

I was thrilled to hear of someone using the song at their child’s baptism this past weekend.

music score
Vocal mp3



you are mine – baptism song score & backing


Back home a week from a delightful week at Hervey Bay. Back with access to my computer and musical gear; which means I’ve now done both a

… for my recently-written baptism song: You are mine.

Dale and I shared it last Sunday in worship (fairly hastily rehearsed, I might add) along with Gerry Holme’s M-M-M-Miracle … a marvellous kids song for anyone unpacking baptism with kids and families.  Both went well.

For what it’s worth, here are the lyrics in their final form.  It’s my deep prayer that this song will find use in worship services on baptism Sundays.  The reality is there does not seem to be much out there. If it is (great!!), but at least in my circles there’s a fairly small repertoire.  The backing eventually moves into a bit of country-tinged groove.  It works, in my totally-biased opinion, with a straight piano backing — along the lines of the intro and the opening chorus.

Keen to get feedback on this one. In the next week or so, Dale and I will hopefully organize a vocal track.


You are mine

“Child, I love you
Child, I claim you
I delight in you
For all time
In my gifting
In your belonging
Child, I love you and
you are mine”

“When you pass through the waters
I’ll be with you
When you walk through the fire
You won’t be burned
Do not fear
You are loved
I have redeemed you
I’m with you always
You are mine”

“Come, find life in fullness
in living water
In my dying, my rising
be renewed
Come, be welcomed
into my living body
My Spirit life and promise
born in you”

David MacGregor (c) 2013
Willow Publishing

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