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Scotland 2015 #3 Blog catch-up

Making wifi hay while the sun shines. Really sunny right now. We’ve had our share of rain the past two days here on Iona. It’s Tuesday morning – morning teatime as I blog this.

Dale took some lovely pics last Saturday morning as we drove from Edinburgh to Oban. Here’s a couple …

We’re here for the Viable Alternatves in worship workshop with the Wild Goose group. Already through fresh ways of exploring texts, some superb worship songs (great lyrics, deep theology) and creative worship, we’ve begun exploring our theme.

Last night in the Abbey, traditionally a service for peace and justice, the theme, provocatively was dubbed God and Her Girls. Wasn’t sure what to expect. It was so moving, as one after another, often-unheralded, brave women from the scriptures were honoured, and God acknowledged through it all. Dale offered to be part of the leadership team. This meant her being part of a small group who one at a time, walked the length of the Abbey nave, bringing a large candle to the communion table. We prayed for those women who know only abuse and violence in their lives. While a beautiful Alleluia  was sung, we were all invited to come forward to light a tealight candle to acknowledge significant women in our journey.. I found this service so meaningful.

The night is not over. We head – with seemingly most of the community & guests to the village hill for the weekLy ceilidh – a mixture of dancing, song and poetry reading. All good fun.

11 pm, we each head for bed. I manage 8 hours again. Three consecutive nights of good sleep. In all sorts of ways, this place is so good for me.


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