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Interesting times.

Not quite a week ago, I woke in the wee hours of the morning.  I was having an epiphany. Why was I so anxious, unsettled, stressed, fatigued?   Not that in most cases things were going badly.  By-and-large, the opposite. Good, even great things happening … or going to.  That was the problem, as I reflected.

So much my life (Dale’s too) was being impacted by future considerations: soon-to-be church amalgamation, retirement (early 2021) planning, Dale ostensibly finishing up in a few weeks, health and family considerations, travel plans for 2020 and 2021, ministry in 2020. I could go on.

I’d lost sight of some wisdom from a member of my previous congregation: to live in the moment; to make the best of the time and space I am currently in, or at most the day ahead – to rejoice and revel in that moment.

So … with Dale’s encouragement, and with the help of a presbytery self-led Heart-to-Heart self-led retreat resource, I went away for two nights. Yes, to the beach.  That’s always done it for me.  Via scripture, silence, waves crashing and much more, I calmed.  I settled.  Still a huge work in progress, I began living in the moment.

I had quite consciously resolve to not write a song while away.  Yet a song came … coming amid and out of my time away.  The song is called TAKE.   Check out the YouTube video above.


I Facebook-posted:

Went offline recently. Needed to. Things had become too much. Used a self-led retreat provided by presbytery. (Thanks heaps, Jenny Tymms​). Best 36 hours I’ve had for a while. A lot of sitting, praying, doing nothing, reading scripture, swimming with soothing water all around me, listening to the waves crashing on the shore, reflecting on what God might be saying (or not saying). Needing to start living in the moment (to0 much thinking about “future stuff” … ministry, retirement, family, travel, health), building firmer foundations, pondering what I need to let go of, realising God’s grace is sufficient. Hadn’t planned to write a song, but yes, I did. This is probably NOT a congregational worship song. 🙂 It’s called TAKE.

Here I am, open,
Take every part
Take all I am, Lord
Mind, soul and heart
Grace wash all over me
Hold me … within
Take all I offer
Renewing … begin.

Shine out your light, Lord
On spaces so dark
Make known your presence
When life’s pulled apart
There in the struggles
The wrestling, so much
‘Enough is enough’
There is your freedom
Your beauty, your touch

Live in each moment
Rejoice in the now
Consider the lilies
This moment, this hour
“Come to the water
Be thirsty no more” (0, to)
Find you each morning
to welcome, adore

Mmm ….
mmm ….
“Come to the water
Be thirsty no more” (O, to)
Find you each morning
to welcome, adore

© David MacGregor 2019


Without Love – two songs long – now with vocal

Hi. I preached on love a few weeks ago … love, compassion, respect, empathy, listening, grace, love some more … a few weeks back, the Sunday after our church in Tarragindi (Brisbane, Australia) voted to amalgamated into one congregation across four communities come 1 January 2020.  The vote was not unanimous but clear-cut.

My ministry colleagues and I felt clearly and passionately that pastoral care for, with and among our communities was/is paramount.  So I preached the “Sunday after” primarily on John 13:31-35

We connected also with Paul’s teaching on agape self-giving love … from Colossians 3 “Clothe yourself with Christ” and also his famous “love passage” in 1 Corinthians 13.

Amid a 36 hour time-out to do some intentional reflecting on the 2020 landscape and especially what it might mean for worship, yes – I wrote a “love song”, based on verses and themes from 1 Corinthians 13: Without Love.

At the time, I was really happy with it.   Some ways I still am, but in retrospect, and prompted by some loving, constructive feedback, I can see that song’s shortcomings -melody a bit too predictable, lyrics that were a bit forced.  I parked the song.

Two days later, yes – put it down to the Spirit, a new totally-different “love song” (once again based on 1 Corinthians 13) has been written – major key, same bridge, far more of a paraphrase … and so on.  I got great feedback!  Once again, I called it Without Love.

score.   lyrics. mp3 vocal

Dale’s just recorded a nice vocal track.


Without love
I’m no more than a noisy, old cymbal
Without love I’m no more than a banging door
Wisdom is nothing if love is gone
Who am I without love at all? Continue reading ‘Without Love – two songs long – now with vocal’

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