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“When at This Table”

I’m a long time admirer of the contemporary hymn poetry of New Zealander Shirley Erena Murray. Her songs are sung around the world.

Last night, as is my way, I started reflecting on the lectionary gospel reading for next Sunday, 5 May.  It’s from John 21 and features initially the disciples’ fruitless fishing expedition … until Jesus “appears”, gives them a Plan B … and a miraculous catch follows.  Later, Jesus asks Peter there times if Peter loves him. Peter, with incredulity responds. Each time, Jesus calls Peter to feed his sheep.

That’s the backdrop.  So, I looked at available music via the wonderful Singing from the Lectionary site.  I found this song, When at the Table.  The accompanying tune was OK, yet taking in the profound lyrics, it triggered a new communion song setting within me.  So, I offer it to you. For me, it provides wonderful connections between worship, mission justice-making and Christ who feeds us in word, sacrament and by the Spirit.  If using, please be faithful to CCLI/OneLicense copyright recording for both lyrics and music.

score mp3 backing-melody

When At This Table

1. When at this table I receive a blessing
The broken bread the wine of life for me
Then let me share the peace with you my neighbor
And let the Spirit set our spirits free

2. If at this table I have need of healing
Unbidden grief relationship gone wrong
Then let me know that hands of God enfolding
And let lament become believing song

3. If at this table I forget the hungry
The dispossessed and warfare’s spreading stain
Then let this bread become the bread of judgment
This wine the sharp awareness of that pain

4. If at this table I make dedication
To give my life in serving what is good
Then let my center be where God invites me
And show the words of Jesus understood

5. What faith I have I bring to join this table
What hope I hold in Christ is taught and true
With brothers sisters I will share the blessing
The feast where God is making all things new

Shirley Erena Murray
© 2004 Murray, Shirley Erena

Overflow, Lord


I’m sharing something other than a song (though no apologies for when I do that Mindful of this Sunday’s RCL John 12:1-8 passage where Mary devotedly anoints the feet of Jesus with expensive perfume, I’ve written the following, as either a Call to Worship/Opening Prayer/post-sermon prayer. Feel free to use.


BTW, I’ve always loved an early Matt Maher worship song Overflow.  It’s there as a video clip after the prayer.



overflow, Lord
Overflow, Lord
Lord of life
Lord of love
Love at its highest,
deepest, widest
A holy love.

Overflow in me
Overflow in each one of us
Overflow in the full power
of your mercy and love
Touch every crevice
Every resistant, shameful
corner of our being

Overflow in us, Lord
Deluge us
Overwhelm us
With your love beyond imagining
Love you offer us profoundly
“Life-changingly” in Jesus
Love that transforms
Love that forgives
Love that renews
Love that never holds back

God of the overflow
We come to you
Yet loved
And loved again
Overflow in us, Lord
Transform us in Jesus
Transform us by your Spirit
Transform us
by your creative hand, O God

So we might love you
Worship you
Be your difference-making disciples

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