“Flow” … a song from these times

We’ve all been some combination of troubled, perplexed, heartbroken, angry, confused, sorrowful and more these past days, in the aftermath of the Christchurch tragedy.  Like perhaps all of us, I’ve struggled to make sense of such evil and such loss.  I also hold in my heart two longtime friends who are now, in their broken relationship, at a point of great loss.

With these things and probably more in mind, I’ve written this song called Flow.  To be frank, I’m not sure when, where, how or by whom it will be shared.  Maybe this is as far as it goes.  I needed to put some words together for my own dealing with it all.  So I share it with you.  The “come flow …” refrain is one example for me of a refrain being gentler and more laidback than the verses.  See what you think.  Being a long song, verse 3 (a paraphrase of four of Jesus’ Beatitudes) is optional.

If it’s in any way helpful to you and those whom you love and do life, by all means use it.
Blessings, David


leadsheet  lyrics mp3 backing (w. melody)

My heart is strained with sadness
There’s sorrow beyond words
I’m such a loss to make real sense
of all I’ve seen and heard
Why are we so divided?
Why can’t we be as one?
O, why O God?
O, why so God?
Yes, what have we become?

Come flow … compassion
Come flow … your peace
Come flow … deep understanding
Come flow …
Come flow … your love

When innocents meet violence
While practising their faith
While lives are torn asunder
By evil’s human face
May we find in each other
You and your love for all
Each beautiful, made in your love
Flow Spirit. Change us all
Come flow …

(optional 3rdverse)

So blessings be to you who mourn
for comfort will be yours
And blessings – all who work for peace
for such a holy cause
And blessings to the kind ones
God’s mercy come your way
And blessings to the pure in heart
Flow in us, God, this dayCome flow …

David MacGregor
© 2019 Willow Publishing

4 Responses to ““Flow” … a song from these times”

  1. 1 Patti March 24, 2019 at 7:11 am

    Thank you David. I needed to hear this today I am sure our group will find use for it as we search out song that remind us in all the turmoil God is there to flow His love into our lives
    Walking in the light of His love Patti

  2. 3 Tom Bajzek March 27, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Having been in Christchurch in 2016, and living just 2 km from the Synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, I feel closer to these events than I’d like to. The neighborhood/community here seems to have drawn strength and unity from our experience, and I hope the same holds true in Christchurch.

    There is much evil in the world, and we all need to stand together to overcome it.

    And, I think your song is beautiful, and fitting.


    • 4 David MacGregor March 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

      Thanks Tom. I hadn’t planned to write something. It just “came out”. The whole thing is so unsettling and you’re spot on – we do all need to stand together to overcome it. Cheers, David

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