finally “More Than Dream”

more-than-dream-cover-3“Tonight’s the night” (sorry, Rod) that my worship song CD More Than Dream (peace be our living) worship song CD is finally launched.  Uniting Church Qld Moderator Rev David Baker is doing the launching.  How are we “launching”? My “Dream Team” of musicians are presenting all 13 songs live.

It’s all happening at our church – Wellers Hill-Tarragindi Uniting Church at 7 pm tonight. Tonight for me is a way of acknowledging all who have shared this musical journey with me. It’s a journey that began back in 70s. I know some dear friends have travelled quite some distance to celebrate with us tonight. So many people have mentored and encouraged me along the way, critiqued and welcomed my songs. The songs though are ultimately from God, the master musician and Creator.

This CD is a first time thing. You see, never  before have I had a whole album of worship songs professionally recorded. Sure, over many years I’ve had individual songs professionally recorded “here, there and everywhere”. (another quote, but McCartney this time).

The MacGregor study has been “recording central”, where fake flute, clarinet, sax, violin, bass, strings, even guitar have been recorded – all with my amateur knowledge of Apple’s Logic Pro.

Two years ago, I turned 60.  How would I mark this?  I had a dream; to record an album of worship songs – I’ve written hundreds over the years – some hold up well, some … … well😀.  So I invited seemingly every muso I’d made music with over the years.  The dream became bigger than Ben Hur.

Not surprisingly nothing happened for ages. Then with drummer son Nathan’s “nagging”, I scaled it right back. I was listening to acoustic favoured worship band Rend Collective – acoustic guitar, violin, flute, nice vocals.  The penny dropped: “Hey – I’ve got that in my own church!   Why not use our own excellent band Lolly Jar, some great friends Peter & Katherine from 70s music and church days, invite Stephen on bass, ensure we had Lesley’s lovely cello in their somewhere, and Dale just had to be involved … and drums, get Nathan to play.

So that’s what happened – 13 songs, all but two written in last 6 years were recorded, mixed and mastered over 38 hours across four sessions – between September last year and January this year at Hunting Ground Studios, Moorooka, Brisbane, Australia – under the excellent war of  Andrew Threlfo!

This “Dream Team” have excelled – musos and techs alike.  Many of been really stretched musically.  I know the whole “More Than Dream Project” has stretched and challenged me.  My wife Dale had been an absolutely wonderful and loving tower of strength and support through it all.  This has not been an inexpensive project, be assured.

More than anything, as this dream became more and more a reality, God has blessed me along the way.  I have been blessed by working with a great time of fun, committed, creative and talented folk. It has been real fun making music together!



Interested in getting a copy of the album. Various options:

  1. come tonight!
  2. order through PayPal.  Click this link to my worship song website and take it from there. Just make sure you provide your name and postal address please 🙂
  3. in a week or so the album will be available for download or streaming through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon

2 Responses to “finally “More Than Dream””

  1. 1 sandydalzell February 18, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    We are so very happy for you David and very excited to be a part of tonight’s big launch (we are proud to have ‘provided’ your flautist and one of your awesome singers). Your music has always been an inspiration to me and I am sure that all who manage to get hold of a copy of More Than Dream (Peace be our living) will totally agree.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you for tonight’s big launch.
    Blessings, always.
    Sandy and Richard xoxo

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