More than Dream (Peace be our living)

peace-on-earth-card-singleHere’s a new Christmas song.  It’s a song about peace. Peace is what I want to reflect on this Christmas. Peace is what I want to know … it’s what I want to share … to be a peacemaker.

More Than Dream (Peace be our living) draws on much that’s impacted me over the past week or so, as I find myself on some unexpected leave – a chance to reclaim, to rediscover, to rejuvenate, to “resist”, to rest, to rejoice a bit more. That’ll do for the “re” words.

I took my guitar away with me during this period of time-out and this song tumbled out, as recent events of Paris still hit me from afar in all their rawness.  So too the more-recent mass shooting in San Bernadino.  So do daily news events of domestic violence.  So too that alienation of people across the planet, one from another.

Amid all this, I’ve reflected on what message God might want to me share this Christmas.

Yes, the incarnation – God among humanity will be there of course.  However, I sense God urging me to preach “peace”. Why?  Because that’s what our world – both near and far so needs.  Why? Because that’s what, amid all else the Christ of Bethlehem enters our humanity for as the Prince of Peace – to offer peace, and call us as world citizens to be peacemakers … bringers of reconciliation … found ultimately, my faith reminds me, in Christ.  Read 2 Corinthians 5:11 for more on this.  I’ve also reread Isaiah 11’s description of that “peaceable kingdom” where animals of all kinds lie down together and a child will lead them.

So, a “peace song” has been written. Lines from Charles Wesley’s Hark! The Herald Angels Sing kept coming to me …

Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled

I tried incorporating a melodic snippet from that carol into the start of my song.  You have to search hard to “hear” it.  Upon writing, I sensed that parts of the melody are similar to parts of a worship song from a decade or so back.  Sigh.  Well, the original intent was to bring in lines from Wesley’s carol … so I’ve persisted with my tune!

Hope you like it … and feel free to use it this and any Christmas.  The backing track is rough and ready – all done via Garage Band on the trusty iPad Mini!   One day, I’ll ask Dale to add her vocals.  I’ve even tried it on mandolin.  Works well.

Advent & Christmas blessings


More Than Dream (peace be our living)     score  lyrics  rough mp3 backing

Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled
Humankind called: come together
Live in peace with one another

Glory, glory in the highest
Peace on earth, goodwill among us
Glory, glory in the highest
More than dream – peace be our living 

Called to bring your peaceful kingdom
Lion rests with lamb together
Justice for the poor and needy
Emmanuel, a child will lead us

Jesus, Saviour, born among us
Bring your peace anew within us
Hearts of love reach to another
For the world, in your redeeming

 David MacGregor
© 2015 Willow Publishing


1 Response to “More than Dream (Peace be our living)”

  1. 1 Ian Conabere December 6, 2015 at 8:18 am

    Thanks for sharing this.

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