Scotland 2015 #8 – beautiful day in/around Gardenstown

We woke this morning each of us having had a good night’s sleep. We were greeted with a beautiful sunny autumn day. After a leisurely breakfast, finishing our clothes washing and finally sorting out how to best lock the place, we set off on a lengthy walk. Remember – apart from down on the waterfront, any walking here involves steep hillside roads – up and down.


We are so close to Pennan, of “Local Hero” movie fame, so a few hours of walking later we head there, to this tiny one-street hamlet at the foot of a long cliff. Narrow, winding and treacherous driveway to get there!

I’d heard of the Scottish Lighthouse museum at nearby Fraserburgh, so that’s where we head; we also needed some more cash and fuel for the car. I leave Dale at ASDA (British Wal-Mart subsidiary) and I head to the lighthouse.

It was worth it. Kinnaird Head Lighthouse while no longer manned (all Scottish lighthouses are automated these days) is the oldest lighthouse on the Scottish mainland, dating back to 1787. 

As part of a tour I climbed it to almost the top, the tour being quite informative and the lighthouse being built inside a castle!

Time to head back to Gardenstown. We ended up getting there by the backroads – lots of rolling farming country and large, very bulky and hairy Scottish cattle.

By the way, here’s a pic of the only grocery store in town – a tiny Spar store.

As the day drew to a close, Dale and I headed off to the trusty Garden Arms Hotel for a tasty dinner – haddock for Dale, sirloin steak for me.



1 Response to “Scotland 2015 #8 – beautiful day in/around Gardenstown”

  1. 1 sandydalzell September 28, 2015 at 7:17 am

    Hi David and Dale. We are thoroughly enjoying your trip to Scotland. Richard and I loved Kinnaird Head lighthouse and we too climbed up to the top. Our GPS was set to the back roads so we found lots of interesting little villages at the end of narrow roads. Continue to enjoy! Sandy xoxo

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