Never Let Go … vocals with a twist!

holding handsHere’s a vocal recording of my new song, Never Let Go.    
vocal mp3

Yesterday I blogged about the background to the song:.

The twist?  I wake this morning in Brisbane, Australia and a lovely email from Dale (in NE Ohio, USA) greets me. There’s a movie file attachment and the subject line: “Hope this comes through”. What comes through is Dale’s home recording (from NE Ohio, that is) with her vocal added to my backing track blogged yesterday. Dale’s iPhone and iPad make it happen.   So – yours truly promptly, with the wonders of Logic Pro, dubs the audio from Dale’s video onto the existing Never Let Go backing track, adds some acoustic guitar and extra percussion … and what have we got?  A vocal recording (yeah, home job, I know) of the song.  Might share it with “Mike” in a few days. Check it out.      vocal



2 Responses to “Never Let Go … vocals with a twist!”

  1. 1 Malcolm Frazer July 8, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    Good one David. I plan to use this on Sunday if you don’t mind. I’m interviewing a lady on Sunday from our congregation who has just come home after a year in hospital and is now in a wheel chair. This will be perfect. Good work.

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