“Be Our Light” – new song collaboration

hope1Here’s a new song; the result of a collaboration between longtime friend Craig Mitchell (lyrics) and myself (melody & backing). Dale has done a great job (biased as I am) with the vocals.

It’s based on themes from Psalm 27. Craig began working on it at songwrite in February 2013, songwrite being the first national Uniting Church songwriters gathering. Fast forward into late last year, and Craig ‘put it out there’ on the songwrite Facebook page. I, along with others, offered to supply the melody. Eventually Craig and I (Craig in Adelaide, me in Brisbane) began the collaborative journey.

Few of the 350 songs these past 40 years have been true collaborations. The exceptions are:

  • back in my younger days (think late 1970s/early 80s) running a weeklong “write a musical” elective at a synod (statewide) youth camp. The young people worked with me on plot and song lyrics.  Over many sleepless nights I wrote the tunes.  Uniting Church President Andrew Dutney featured in one of these!
  • the few songs I’ve worked on with Dale over the years.  That said, without exception, Dale continues to be my true sounding board for anything I’ve written … and the voice you hear online. Thanks.
  • a couple of melodies written to contemporary hymn lyrics.  Brian Wren’s Hear hangs a man discarded is one of these.

But … but … with a couple of Dale exceptions … these have never quite been true collaborations.  This one most definitely is. I am so grateful for Craig’s initial creativity and subsequent generosity and invitation … all of which has led me – as Craig has also done today on his own blog – to offer it to you. I’m really happy with the way we have managed a song which seems to be both reflective and uplifting. Hopefully it won’t be our last opportunity to write collaboratively together.

Be our light 

Be the light that shrouds the twilight
Be the might that holds our fears
Be the home that yearns our dwelling
Be the stone that takes our tears

Christ be our light
Whom shall we fear?
Deep in the night
Spirit, draw near

Be the cry that whispers mercy
Be the seeker when we hide
Be the taker and the giver
Be the pathway and the guide

Be the sacrifice that breaks us
Be the shelter in the flood
Be the promise that remakes us
Be the parent who is good

Craig Mitchell/David MacGregor  © 2014

vocal track (B flat)

backing track (D)

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