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A place at God’s table – Communion liturgy & song

Communion at tableHi. This post won’t be for everyone, so thanks for your patience.

Over 10 years ago, I served in a chaplaincy-type role at the then Forest Lake College, and also The Springfield College, two Anglican-Uniting P-12 day schools in SW Brisbane, Australia.  This was a challenging, yet enriching experience. A fond memory of my time there was working with my Anglican colleague Rev Dr Greg Jenks on an ecumenical communion preparation program with our Year 3 students, teachers and families.  We great leadership from Greg, an extensive 30-page booklet called A Place at the Table (preparing children for the Supper of the Lord) was prepared.  This was a wonderful journey, though I suspect, it never quite got implemented.  Someone please prove me wrong … please.

Anyhow … I wrote a “child-friendly” Communion song called Find your place around God’s table.    score   lyrics  

I’ve used it in three suburban Brisbane congregations since.  I’ll do so again in two days time. However, ever since writing it, and using it in and around a communion liturgy, it’s never fitted well. So, I’ve written one.  Access it via this link.

In short, there are parts for the presider to say, and in three ‘chunks’, four verses for the congregation.  Feel free to use it, and let me know how it goes.  I suspect there will be some ongoing refining.

Cheers – David

Find your place around God’s table
Bread and wine – God’s gifts we share
As we eat and drink together
Jesus Christ is present here

Gather round, as we remember
Jesus taking wine and bread
‘My body, blood – it’s given for you’
Sacrament – as souls are fed.

 Take your place around God’s Table
Taste and see that God is grace
Be encouraged, loved, forgiven
Among God’s family, find your place.

We take our place around your table
We taste and see that you are grace
We go encouraged, loved, forgiven
Among God’s family, find our place

 David MacGregor  © 2004   Willow Publishing


The Temptation Song – new files incl. score

temptationGreetings.  Back home from lovely (but never long enough) time of leave at Hervey Bay.  Having written The Temptation Song as per previous post, I’ve just completed a full piano score and backing track, with digital sax and trumpet carrying the melody.
Check it out.
Blessings- David


The Temptation Song

life-is-temptationAs is my habit I’ve written a worship song on our Hervey Bay holidays. Been reflecting on the Narrative Lectionary gospel for this Sunday (Matthew 4:1-17) … RCL usually early in Lent … the temptation of Christ in the wilderness. This started off as a children’s song; it’s turned out a bit broader than that.  Maybe a bit of refining still in the lyrics.  For me, it needed to be in a minor key and it needed to take on board the variance in theologies on evil/temptation/devil, and so on.

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“Be Our Light” – new song collaboration

hope1Here’s a new song; the result of a collaboration between longtime friend Craig Mitchell (lyrics) and myself (melody & backing). Dale has done a great job (biased as I am) with the vocals.

It’s based on themes from Psalm 27. Craig began working on it at songwrite in February 2013, songwrite being the first national Uniting Church songwriters gathering. Fast forward into late last year, and Craig ‘put it out there’ on the songwrite Facebook page. I, along with others, offered to supply the melody. Eventually Craig and I (Craig in Adelaide, me in Brisbane) began the collaborative journey.

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