The day that was, and wasn’t

We didn’t make it to Cape Hatteras (sob), nor did we make it to Ocracoke Island (half a sob).
We woke up to strong winds and steady rain. Apparently quite common at the Outer Banks. Henry’s just down the road has become our breakfast spot. $7 for a full hot breakfast and coffee – about 1/3 what we’d pay back home at the Coffee Club is quite a bargain.

The rain still pelting down and winds about 25 mph, we drive just a few miles south to the Wright Brothers National Memorial – on the very site at Kill Devil Hills where that famous 12 second first powered flight happened on 17 December 1903 – in, yes, 25 mph winds!

Some great exhibits and full size replicas of that first successful aero plane and an earlier glider. If better weather tomorrow, we’ll be back.


Then the “fun” began. The plan? Drive 45 min south – from one long skinny island to the next – to the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse. Then on from there, part of the way by ferry to Ocracoke.

Well, the rain put paid to that. After driving for way too long (for sanity) along roads way too awash with water, we sensibly turned around. So near but yet so far, I say.


Did manage to check out Bodie Island lighthouse, though windy weather prevented its climbing. I love the design and striped coloring of these.



Glad we stopped there!
A quick stopover at a windy, sand blowing into our face Jennette’s Pier to buy some souvenirs, and we head back to our unit. Not before, a necessary lunch stop at a Five Guys burger and fries store. Probably nutritionally terrible, but I assure you this was among the best burger and fries I think I’ve had. Big statement from me, I know. Free peanuts to nibble on too. [note: picture below was Googled]

Restful afternoon nap preceded us having a light meal at – you guessed it: Henry’s, before a short WalMart stop for some supplies. I’ve been taken not only by the colours of the houses here – same colours of the beach sheds on the Mornington Pen, Victoria; but by the colours of some of the deck chairs. Good ‘ole Walmart had them on sale.

Tomorrow, we begin part 1 of our 8 hour drive to Clyde, in western NC, to spend the weekend there with Dale’s brother Dan, wife BJ and daughter Dana.



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