beauty, plenty & scarcity

Our first (and only) full day at the Alice was most enjoyable.

We ditched our plans to spend four hours in 40 degree heat at Alice Springs Desert Park, and in its place chose to drive west for the morning. First stop was Simpsons Gap, just 15 minutes out of town. A short 10 minute walk by the banks of a wide but dry creek bed took us to Simpsons Gap … with this delightful pool of water between the sides of the gap. In a desert – sense of the word, “beauty”, it was delightful.




Next stop, about 20 minutes further west and we’re at Standley Chasm … bit more of a walk to this one, but worth it. Like much in this area, this area is owned by indigenous folk.


All the while as we drove we listened to an old John Williamson CD … plenty of Australian imagery and very evocative. I actually felt quite emotional as we drove through this brilliantly expansive landscape. As we listened to Eric Bogle’s shelter amid these wide open spaces, I couldn’t but think of the seeming scarcity of generosity of so many of Australians (me?) when it comes to welcoming the stranger … The refugee … . The last verse:

To the homeless and the hungry
may you always open doors
May the restless and the weary
find safe harbour on your shores
May you always be our Dreamtime place,
our spirit’s glad release
May you always be our shelter,
may we always live in peace

Back in town, we had lunch at the Royal Flying Doctor Service Centre and viewed an inspiring video. I continue to get overwhelmed by the immensity and generosity of the RFDS


Mid afternoon we enjoyed afternoon tea with ministry colleague Gerda, doing four months supply ministry here. I sense she appreciated the time with us. Our journeys have crossed many times this past year.

Back at. desert palms we enjoyed a refreshing swim, before I enjoyed the best rump steak at Bojangles saloon downtown.



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