history … and things lovely


I’ve always loved history.

I remember myself at a  young age,  devouring every word on a children’s encyclopedia received in my late primary-school years; some years later pouring over ages in the multi-volumed Funk & Wagnalls (no, this is not a typo) encyclopedia set at home, and much more recently in this online Internet age, with just a few iPad taps getting the info I need from the sometimes unreliable Wikipedia.

i just love finding out about the movements, progress, changes, discoveries, associations and highlights of peoples’ lives – present and past; sometimes a long while past.

So, put my prove of history together with my love of musc and bibbidi, bobbidi, boo – what have you got? Something quite excellent when on day 6 of our downtime with Dale’s Dad and other family here near Garrettsville, NE Ohio, I’m able to have over three hours a Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum -right on the banks of Lake Erie. I had been before, so I am privileged.


It’s a mammoth 7 level structure, which currently has a Rolling Stones exhibit taking up the top two levels.

The excellent thing about this place is that it’s far, far more than video screens, blaring music or memorablila, though it has all that. You have a chance to discover and learn what’s behind the music. One cannot go away from this place without gainING a healthy appreciation for the influences blues, gospel, country, folk, swing and so on have had on ‘rock’n’roll’.


I found the actual hall of fame quite moving – you walk in near-darkness a circular path; along the outer wall are the names and signatures of inductees over the last 25 or so years.  Just had to take James Taylor’s signature.


That’s rock and roll.

As far as history goes, this is my fIrst time back in the States since Dale’s Mom dIed in April 2011. It’s been great   spending time with Dale’s Dad, Herbert Butrick along with her eldest sister Diana and husband Tom.

On this 25 acre property there’s a huge almost – overgrown berry patch. This afternoon Dale and Dad picked about 10 ziplock bags full of tasty raspberries!


This is such a beautiful place – I’ve been catching  on plenty of sleep let me tell you, along with an American  egg, sausage and hash brown breakfast every morning (at Dale’s Dad’s insistence).

Been catching up on some reading too. Finished the Dan Brown novel; just started on Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.

On our last full day in the USA (22 Sept) I’ll be officiating at the wedding of Dale’s niece Maria to Mark – at a lovely outdoor setting near Ellwood City in western Pennsylvania. This is quite a honour, though it’s made marriage prep interesting to say the least!  That happened at an extended session in a corner booth at a Panera Bread eatery in a busy shopping centre in Cranberry,  PA. Trouble is, it took me 45 anxious minutes – having dropped Dale & Dad off at – you guessed it: Wal Mart – for me (right hand side of road and all) to find the place. But I did, and I believe our time together was mutually productive. Bring on the wedding!

That will be a bit of history for me – conducting my fIrst o/s wedding.


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