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when you take


Last Sunday in worship – first Sunday back after the start of the 2012 school year, Dale led an important section of worship (it took the the place of the sermon) in which Godly Play-style, she unpacked The Service of the Lord’s Day. She highlighted the twin aspects of Word and Table really, really well.

This Sunday, in true first-Sunday-of-month style we as church will gather at the Lord’s Table to remember, give thanks, anticipate, share community and acknowledge the presence of Christ with us in a real yet mysterious way.

So … I’ve written a new communion song.  It’s probably the third written over the years:

  • Remember Me back in the early 90s
  • Eat this Bread just a few years back at a National Youthworker Inservice week  and now
  • When you take
I felt a nudging to – in a sense – put into music form (singable by the people) the “Words of Institution” from 1 Corinthians 11 usually used in the lead up to the sharing of communion.  So, I’ve written this song. Now – having written it, I thought to myself: “O no – it’s got some similarities … some chord sequences and one melodic phrase to another communion song by a UK writer.  Do I go back to the drawing boards?”  No – I’m not going to.
I’ll leave this song with you.  Feel free to use as you see fit.  Music score   backing track.   Lyrics below

When you take

Take this bread
Bread of life
This: my body
all for you
When you take
When you eat
… remember me

Take this cup
Cup of life
New communion in my blood
When you take
when you drink
… remember me

 Holy, holy, holy Lord
God of pow’r and might
Heaven, earth they glorify
They praise your holy name

Hosanna in the highest place
Blessed, the One who comes
Blessed, the One who comes to us
in the name of the Lord

 We take this bread
Take this cup
declare Christ’s death until he comes
We bring ourselves
in sacrifice
Made worthy by his love.

 David MacGregor
© 2012  Willow Publishing 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

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