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wash me new … some more

Hi folks

Yesterday, I blogged about a new song of mine: Wash Me New.

Enjoyed – with limited tech resources putting together a leadsheet and a (very, very!) demo backing track.  Used GarageBand on an iPad for this; the software had a limited number of chord options … but is should give a bit of a feel.

backing track demo 




wash me new


Should have known – felt like taking the Martin guitar on holidays here at Burleigh. Should have known – I’d end up writing a song.
My mind always active (forever both plus and minus for me) I must have had in mind at least subconsciously, the talk I’ve agreed to present at an Emmaus Walk in late October. I’ve given that talk before – “Obstacles to Grace”.
In short, it’s the “sin” talk of the weekend. In turning it in for the night early on in our stay here, the melody, chords, feel & lyrics of the chorus basically came to me …

Wash me clean
Wash me new
Wash me white as snow
Come love me through and through (& so on …)

Always found a good way of testing the merits of my songwriting is whether or not these thoughts running around in my head etc are still there in the morning. They were – and by the time I got back from another wonderful morning beach walk, some of the first verse was taking shape too.

Psalm 51 has always been an important psalm for me. Somehow some of the imagery (‘clean’, ‘white’ etc) found it’s way into the song which became WASH ME NEW.

I guess it’s a song about repentance & shortcomings & yes: sin … but moreso about the amazing grace of God in the cross-action of Christ for me … for all of us … the power of God’s forgiving love.

The song has ended up somewhat country in feel – lyrically, melodically & rhythmically – a bit Alison Krauss in style … no apologies offered! When back from hols I’ll be able to get a lead sheet together. For now, the lyrics are below. I ask myself – is there a place for its use around my Emmaus talk? That’s ultimately in God’s hands. As for the song, I’m really happy with it. Love to do it with a band some day … with some nice harmonies (almost oldtime gospel in feel) in the chorus.



Why am I deserving
God what have I done
to receive this love
you shower on each one
On a cruel cross there
you died my sin forgave
there in pain and glory
washed my sin away

Wash me clean
Wash me new
Wash me white as snow
Come love me through and through
Turn me round
O Jesus take me in
your all-forgiving arms
Wash me clean
O Jesus wash me new

Time and time again Lord
I turn your love aside
Time and time again
I yield to self and pride
Time and time again Lord
your love breaks in anew
Calls me to repentance
Back to life in you

David MacGregor
(C) Willow Publishing

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