last full day in Ohio

just love this one!

Hi all

Today’s my last full day in Ohio. Tomorrow it’s off to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (about 2 hours away) to spend two days with Diana and Tom – Dale’s sister and brother-in-law. Come Friday, I head straight from there to Cleveland airport to begin the long journey back to Brisbane town.

Not wanting to be too pessimistic, but barring the odd hour or so sleep on planes (my track record is woeful – never easy if you’re 6′ 1.5 ” tall, it will be 33 hours from when I wake up Friday in Pittsburgh to when I arrive at Brisbane airport around breakfast time Sunday. Then – I need to rise above tiredness and jetlag to stay awake for the day, before finally having an early night. I’m up for a challenge!!!! Joel is picking me up @ the airport, so that’ll be good. Got a gym appointment with a personal trainer 9 am Monday, so no chance of sleeping in then!!!

Dale’s staying on a few days more (6 in fact) taking the same itinerary back as me, getting in breakfast time on Saturday 21st.

Been checking the Brisbane temperature. Seems like about the same as here in rural NE Ohio. Dale has been an absolute trouper here, working under the advice of her Dad and Diana, and has sorted through an incredible amount of her Mom’s clothing, as well as doing so much cleaning, vacuuming & tidying. Most days she has spent literally hours on this. Hopefully I’ve done my bit too. It will be great for her to have those 6 days together with Dad. No other family – just the two of them.

My only regret is that there hasn’t been a musical instrument (keyboard or guitar) at the house … maybe Pittsburgh. Had a few inklings.

homebase these past 2 weeks

I’ve been blessed to have been here at Fenstermaker Rd, Garrettsville, OH many times over the years. Such a beautiful spot, and the spring sunshine here at the moment really brings out best in the scenery.

Thought I’d post some photos taken at or nor far from the house this afternoon. You’ll see what I mean.




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