Galilee —- with pictures?

Today (yesterday by the time I have the umpteenth attempt at posting this with pictures) was or Galilee day. Jesus spent much of his life and certainly most of his ministry in or around Galilee’s shores. The lake provided a really peaceful setting for the day. Wherever our group went we were never far from it’s shores.

An early highlight was a boat ride out onto the Lake itself. I’ll remember thus experience for a ling time; no only for how peaceful the waters were (after some early gusts subsided), not only for the Australian flag being flown& anthem played but mst significantly because this was the context in which Jesus called his first disciples, showed his lordship over the wind and waves, waled on the water and so on. A great event!

From here we viewed the remains – remarkably intact of a 1st century Galilean fishing boat found 20 or so years ago. In amazing condition – and amazing lengths taken by archaeologists and restorers to bring it to this condition. Bought a polo shirt as a reminder that I too have sailed on Galilee.

A lunch stop at yet another kibbutz offered a genuine Lebanese fish lunch (sorry – Chicken for me) before our afternoon was spent visiting churches on three special sites:

Where Jesus is said to have fed thousands from just a few fish and bread loaves
Where Jesus lived and ministered in and around Capernaum – some amazing ruins, including Peter’s house
The Mount of the Beatitudes – we read/ heard these as a group.

Before all that we stopped at a slightly- commercialized (sadly) Jordan River baptismal site – perhaps of the sort Jesus was baptized in. I even took off my shoes and stepped into the edge of the Jordan until two huge water eats (otter size) started coming for me – and kept doing soonto dry land. The attack of the killer otters!?@#

To round off the day 14 of us headed down the road to a really nice restaurant – where I’ll remember ordering what turned out to be this huge chicken pizza (not labelled such in the menu), being sandwiched against a wall all night – couldn’t really get out AND a few from group detecting the 23+ spelling mistakes on the menu. That said, we ARE a great group and it will be sad when we part ways on Monday.



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