Taupo 1

Lake Taupo


It’s Monday morning about 10.40 (Daylight saving began yesterday over here).  We had a good 4 hour drive down from Auckland.  Some beautiful farming country along the way, though the wind and drizzle still persisted.  We were intrigued, especially the closer we got to our destination, with the signs everywhere of volcanic activity in times past.   Little hillocks springing up all over the place.

Got into Taupo around 2.30 pm. Our accommodation is literally across the road from Lake Taupo – the largest freshwater lake in Australia.  An impressive sight indeed.

Yesterday was  a really good day.  Despite setting the alarm to watch a replay (didn’t know the score) of the Dragons/Tigers NRL preliminary final in the wee dark hours of the morning – only to find it wasn’t on — we set off around 8 am for a decent walk along the lake foreshore, stopping on the way back for a hot coffee from a coffee van, doing a brisk Sunday morning trade.  The walk did us good.

Huka Falls

We decided to head on to Huka Falls – apparently NZ’s most popular natural tourist attraction.  Not hard to see why.  The water from the falls plummets in astonishing fashion into the Waikato River.  An amazing amount of water rushing by each minute.   No wonder there’s all sorts of jetboat, chopper and other tourist activity nearby.  A sight to see indeed!

Seeing we were on a bit of a roll by now, and keen to get in some thermal activity (ie other than hot showers) we drove to the

nearby Craters of the Moon (it’s Maori name is something like ‘Kapati’).  For a generously cheap admission, it offered an hour-long circuit through this active thermal area – plenty of smoke coming up out of nowhere, the occasional bubbling hot mud pool and plenty of sulphur

Craters of the Moon

smell in the air.  Of course, no excursion for us would be complete without a coffee afterwards.

Come afternoon, we basically took it easy for the rest of the day – sleeps, reading (I’m onto the last of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy), TV and another game of Monopoly – of which Dale is the master!

And yes – I tried yet again waking up to  a replay of that NRL game – and yes, it was actually on!  Dragons v Roosters for the Grand Final.  As for the AFL, what a joke having to replay the whole thing.  I feel for the punters who forked out big biccies for what turned out a draw.  Oh well – the “glory” (some usde other descripors) of sport.

Today?  Maybe a drive into the mountains (Tongariro National Park?), a movie, who knows?!?




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