___ , drugs & rock’n’roll

DSC01389Well, we can talk about two of them anyway. Finally via a Walgreens pharmacy in Cleveland, we were able to get the over-the-counter sudafed we needed to help Dale get over the nasty throat congestion that’s afflicted her most of the time in the States. We had managed on the useless versions of Sudafed purchased since our arrival. (Imagine a product advertised as Sudafed but without the essential pseudoephedrine). We pray it does the trick.

This is after all three of us ending up at Emergency (think … outpatients) at Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna. The good news is that none of us have swine flu; the intriguing thing being how a US hospital works – I was tested for the same symptoms by at least 3 of the 5 people who saw me. They’ll send the combined bill in the mail – thank God for travel insurance! An hour at that US pastime called Walmart followed this

Today we spent time in Cleveland (thanksto Dale’s uncle Jim Bowers) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – well and truly worth seeing over its 7 floors; and righton the shores of Lake Erie.

Some classic exhibits, video footage and memorabilia, covering a huge cross-section of rock music history. It’s really done well, including a hastily – prepared series of tributes to Michael Jackson. The top two floors were devoted to an excellent exhibition on the life and music of Bruce Springsteen.

Tonight – we’re at a Chicken Dinner (specially roasted ) at Dale’s mom’s church: St Ambrose Roman Catholic church in Garrettsville

Later on tonight (all 3 of us are sleeping in cramped quarters @ Dale’s parents) the challenge will be: can Jeremy get to sleep amid my snoring and Dale’s coughing!

See y’all

1 Response to “___ , drugs & rock’n’roll”

  1. 1 Jan June 30, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Hello to all of the MacGregors, and to Dale’s Family Clan. Sounds like everyone is having a fabulous holiday, and a happy time together, despite the sickness and trip to hospital.
    Particularly enjoyed hearing about the game of SPOONS- sounds a bit like the Young family gatherings.
    Also glad you are having Therapy- Retail Therapy at Wallmart. Glenn jealous to hear of your purchase of Mandolin. Hope you will bring it to Cairns when you come. bye for now Jan

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