Today’s the day to L.A. … the V-Australia way


Can’t help myself with words sometimes.  Anyhow, in just under 2 hours, Dale, Jeremy and I will be heading off to Brisbane International Airport to begin stage one of our long haul (optimist, aren’t I) to Nashville, USA – where Dale’s parents, siblings, spouses and so on will gather for a week-long family reunion.  It’s great that this is happening.  When last in the States in 05, Dale floated the idea … wonderful when things actually come off!

13 hour flight across the Pacific and I’m armed with lots of reading, my iPhone (good test of the battery), and hopefully a stack of good movies on the plane.  My track record (excuse the mixed metaphors) with in-flight movies is not real good.  In the past I’ve often been too tired OR its been Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell stuff.  I’ve checked the V-Australia website — the offerings look good.  Looks like I’ll be able to watch Gran Torino again … a stirring movie, and one of my favourites.

Jeremy is really looking forward to this..  He was last in the States with Dale’s family 16 years ago when he was 5. And Dale – just a great opportunity to catch up with her family, including her Mom – she has not been well; some friends, go to Gabriel’s (don’t ask!) and enjoy her three-week school holiday break.  And me – if the money stretches, my get a not-too-expensive mandolin.  Tomorrow night, as you do in Nashville, we are all as a family going to the Grand Ole Opry.  Alison Krauss is on the playbill.

Enough for now, except to say that we see this as an unexpected blessing – in no small way due to us being able to get three peak-season V-Australia return fares for $1150 each.

Up, up, and away … well, you’re still at Bareena St, David!


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