Jesus – healing man

This is my newest song.  Mark’s gospel is currently taking us through the incredible scope of Jesus’ ministry.  Interesting that in Mark there’s not much of the content of Jesus’ preaching; all we know is that there was a lot of it; not to mention healing, acts of compassion, temptations and drawing aside for prayer. Jesus – healing man started out as a kids song (my first for a while), then started getting a bit more adult-flavoured … and has ended up somewhere in-between.  I kind of think there’s something in there for everyone.  For those music nuts around in the late 70s/early 80s – think of the feel of the Rick Springfield song: “Jessie’s Girl”.  Plagiarist-spies be at peace – it’s not that song.   Rather, it’s my attempt to draw out the humanity of Jesus, the Christ.  It worked well at Indooroopilly Uniting last Sunday, especially in the evening when it had the ‘band’ treatment.

Jesus … healing man …
Jesus … healing man …
Hey, healing man
How you heal me deep X-X
Your healing touch
O, this world so needs X-X
Hey healing man
Bring your healing touch today

Jesus … loving man …
Jesus … loving man …
Hey, loving man
How you love me great X-X
You’re full of love
Full of peace, not hate X-X
Hey loving man
Bring your ‘mazing love today

Jesus … teaching man …
Jesus … teaching man …
Hey, teaching man
How you speak what’s true X-X
God’s love and life – every part of you! X-X
Hey teaching man
Bring your saving word today

… bring saving word X-X
… bring your ‘mazing love X-X
… bring your healing touch today.

David MacGregor
© 2009 Willow Publishing

permission to use this song in conjunction with a CCLI licence

X-X = hand-claps


2 Responses to “Jesus – healing man”

  1. 1 Dale MacGregor February 7, 2009 at 12:46 am

    Would you add me to your blogroll.

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