In Easter Time … a song from long ago & great new video


This hasn’t been my healthiest week … and not the ideal for Holy Week and then the Easter weekend. Hopefully on the mend now.
Life is full of irony for all of us, and so to for me these past days. As I’ve felt far from “alive” these past days – taking a funeral this morning amid my head-chest-sore throat cold state is further irony – I’ve started reflecting on some Easter Day themes and thoughts.


Out of the blue – for I haven’t used the song for decades, I recalled a song I wrote in the early 1980s, called In Easter Time. I probably wrote it for an all-age worship service.. Words and leadsheet link down the screen.  I especially recalled the final lines:

All that’s alive in Jesus loving us
breaks out in Easter time.

In my totally biased opinion, those are among the best couple of lines of lyric I’ve written.

Here’s the lyrics …    leadsheet

When I think of this Easter time:
its bunny, its eggs and its fun
and look on further beyond the thrills
I see just what we’ve undone
For Easter time is Jesus dying
Living to love us again. Cos
All that’s alive in Jesus loving us
Breaks out in Easter time.
All that’s alive in Jesus loving us
Breaks out in Easter time.

The weary caterpillar ends
its time – a small cocoon,
to greet the world – a new butterfly
living a brand new tune.
And Jesus takes the pain of our own world
himself and dies
to come alive, yes Jesus loving us
Breaks out in Easter time.
All that’s alive in Jesus loving us
Breaks out in Easter time.             © David MacGregor 1981

What prompted my recollection of In Easter Time was my reflecting over and over (in my unhealthy stupor!) on a wonderful new video clip put out by the Uniting Church here in Queensland. I’m looking forward to using it this Sunday.

The reflecting goes on.  Blessings of this most holy of seasons be yours.


jump for joy – Easter song for little kids!

jump for joy picWell,

I never thought I had it in me – but surprise, surprise (and thanks, God!) I’ve written a boppy song for a playgroup Easter program at our church this coming Friday. Think 2-4 year olds.  This is the closest I’ll possibly ever get to the Wiggles/Hi-5 generation.

The song (named after Friday’s program) is called Jump for Joy!. Adults will offer the ‘middle’ teaching section, with the kids hopefully really getting into the initial (and repeated) boppy section. Lots of jumping,  hand-waving, hand-clapping, dancing … overall lively fun!

Usual story for me … couldn’t find much around for the age-group on a clear Christian Easter theme … so I wrote my own. When we link with the playgroup again before Christmas, we should be able to make some lyrical changes to fit the season.

Feel free to use it, and remember … PLENTY of actions!!!!


leadsheet      full lyrics

vocal track – in lower key of B flat

backing track – in original key of D


jump for joy

We’re gonna jump for joy (jump x4)
* Wave our hands (wave x 4)
Sing out loud (yeah!)
Dance around (dance in circle)
Because Jesus
 – Jesus is alive!

Jesus how you love me
For all the world you came
You lived, you died, you rose again
We praise your mighty name
Oh …

We’re gonna jump for joy (jump x4)
* Wave our hands (wave x 4)
Sing out loud (yeah!)
Dance around (dance in circle)
Because Jesus
 – Jesus is alive!

David MacGregor
© 2014 Willow Publishing

* option in this line to either wave or clap … with accompanying actions

come together … a new song

reconciliationJust written a new song – Come together, picking up themes of reconciliation, inclusion, harmony, love, repentance, and new life and future in Christ.

I guess it’s been inspired by a few things – this week’s national Uniting Church A Destiny Together - A Week of Prayer and Fasting initiative, some reflection on Ephesians 2 and Sunday’s Luke 4:5-42 (Jesus and the Destiny_TogetherSamaritan women at the well). I don’t claim to have any more insight or a clearer moral conscience on the deep issues of justice for Australia’s First Peoples than the next person. I don’t.  My songwriting has long been a journalling tool for me to reflect on all sorts of things in life.   More than anything this song - Come together – picks up the reconciliation theme.  I like any song I write to have application beyond a specific context … hence the way I’ve sought to put the lyrics together.  In no way does it want to avoid the place of lament, hence the first verse.  However, much of the song is upbeat, because in moving toward reconciliation one with another, transcending race, creed or gender we move closer to being one people in Christ.  This is the hope we are called to.

I’ll try to get a full piano score out in the coming days and maybe a vocal track.  For now, here are the lyrics and links to mp3 and music score.

Blessings - David

come together       


Come together
Come together
We are one in God
through Jesus Christ
Come together
Come together
Christ our peace
and Jesus Christ our life

We’re humbly confessing
God help us addressing
Our pride dispossessing
For we’ve wrought pain
We come now repenting
We pray your forgiving
God’s grace reconciling
to live again
Come together

Come sister and brother
All creeds and all colours
Reach out to each other
all barriers down
Journeying together
Love for one another
No longer strangers
but friends in God
Come together

David MacGregor
© 2014 inspired by Ephesians 2
Willow Publishing

salt & light


Really liked this post from Thom Shuman, as I’ve been reflecting on salt and light with this Sunday’s Matthew 5:13-20 reading in mind. I share it with you.

I’ve been thinking about salt and light the last couple of days.

Continue reading ‘salt & light’

Vale Pete Seeger

pete-seeger-2aAs the years go by, I’m more-and-more convinced that at heart, when it comes to music, I’m a real ‘folkie’.

I’m glad about that.  It’s people like Pete Seeger who passed away yesterday aged 94, who contributed to this closet folkie in me. In fact, not so closet really. In the last few years, I’ve really warmed to the ‘folk’ side of Bruce Springsteen’s music.  When in the States last year, I bought this wonderful PBS documentary of the contribution of Peter, Paul and Mary.  I listen to early (and even some recent) Jackson Browne, and it’s the folkie stuff that really grabs me.  Heard Emmylou Harris two years ago – not surprised she started out as a folk-singer. The best songs in my expansive John Denver collection are the folk ones.  Heard Billy Bragg on the ABC’s Q&A program last year – folk music still cuts it.

Pete Seeger, along with the group he came out of - the Weavers, Woody Guthrie, Dylan and so on … they used music to convey truth, to speak/sing out for justice, to build community, to strengthen resolve, to work for peace.

I would have loved to have heard Pete Seeger live in concert.  A friend of mine did some years back, and tells me it was wonderful.  I watched the Grammy’s a few days back – sorry, but some of the music was absolute rubbish.  Where have all the flowers gone?  Where have all the great songs gone?

Well, they will have gone nowhere, as long as you and me continue to play and sing the likes of:

We shall overcome
If I had a hammer
This land is your land
Where have all the flowers gone
Turn, turn, turn … all of these written or if not written by, popularised by Pete Seeger.

Yes, as Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is indeed a time for every purpose and every season under heaven.  It’s just a  bit sad, when a wonderful contributor to the music and fabric of life moves on.  Vale Pete Seeger.


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